The Left and Their Treatment of Women

For years, the beautiful people of Hollywood, the geniuses in Washington, the brilliant intellectuals in Academia, the social justice warriors in the media, and others on the left and in the Democrat Party told us that they were the champions of women’s rights. They let everyone who listened know that no one cared about women more than they did. While women in other parts of the world suffered the indignity of female genital mutilation, honor killings, were denied education, endured forced marriages, and sexual slavery, the guardians of women’s rights here in the United States demonstrated their care and concern for women by advocating for abortion, free contraceptives, the end of slut shaming, body shaming and many other noble causes.  At every opportunity they always let us know how brave they are, and anyone who dared to stand in their way would be exposed as misogynists. In the last few years such luminaries as Sandra Fluke, Amber Rose and Lena Dunham have carried the torch, and helped to redefine what true feminism is. They would take the fight to the masses, and challenge and stand up to anyone who dared to treat women like second classes citizens.

The fight for women’s rights is not just a woman’s cause they always declared. It was a chance for men to join in solidarity with women and show their support for them. By joining the fight, men were standing up for the women in their lives, their sisters, their mothers, their daughters and all women. Men everywhere declared themselves to be feminists, and gained the admiration of leftist all around them. As traditions got trampled underfoot women felt more liberated. Marriage, child rearing, male chivalry, female modesty, and other outdated views were cast aside for more updated models of the modern liberated woman.

A strange phenomenon wrapped in irony was occurring simultaneously during this time of enlightenment though. Women who disagreed with the new dogma and, dared to walk a different path for themselves were mocked and treated with scorn by many of the new standard bearers of this wave of feminism. There is no tolerance for women who believe that though equal in essence, men and women are different and have different roles. Women who do not adhere to the sacrament of abortion become fair game for anyone who chooses to go after them. Women who still believe in traditional marriage, and the traditional concept of family become fodder even for the men who declare themselves feminist. These women do not deserve to be protected from the vitriol that is often spewed at them by those who disagree with them. The protectors of women do not come running to their defense. Listen to the comedian Calvin C.K. Luis talking about Sarah Palin and her special needs son a few years ago. Remember, this was not your random trolls talking. This was not a slip of the tongue. This was a male feminist doing his best to be “edgy.” Here goes, “when she was on stage at the f—ing convention that just came out of her disgusting f—ing c—-… her f—ing retard-making c—…, and she held it up, oh I hate her more than anybody.” Sarah Palin was a safe target because she was a conservative woman who opposed the Democrat Party politics. The left defended the daily vitriolic attacks on her because in their estimation, these attacks on her were different than attacks on Hillary Clinton because Palin deserved it. For the years that Palin was in the spotlight, she was attacked over and over like this by men like CK Luis and Bill Maher. Go listen to this man attack this woman and her down syndrome son. It is one of the most vicious, mean spirited things you will ever hear, but it was ok, for no other reason than that she is not a leftist feminist. Mr. CK apologized years later, but that behavior is typical for some prominent men on the left.

There was never any outrage from the left, in fact they snickered, and cheered at these insults. These attacks also came from women on the left like Joy Behar and Sandra Bernhard. The nastiness, and the sheer venom of the personal attacks like Keith Olberman calling Michelle Malkin a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick, and Bill Maher calling Michelle Bachman a dumb t**t are too numerous to list. There are numerous videos on YouTube that gives examples. It is equally so for the men who refuse to go along with the tenets of modern feminism. They are usually targeted for destruction with a ferociousness that is usually reserved for the worst in our society. On the other hand, genuinely bad behavior by the men who declare themselves to be feminist is often excused. When Bill Clinton was in the middle of the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, Time contributor and White House correspondent Nina Burleigh famously said that she would gladly perform fellatio on Mr. Clinton to thank him for keeping abortion legal. As pictures of Al Franken surface of him consistently grabbing women’s breasts, and buttocks, supposedly in jest, one cannot help but marvel at how these giants of feminism simply put up with his behavior.

 Currently there are videos and pictures all over the internet that give a montage of Joe Biden getting extremely close and personal with women of all ages in what is described as a creepy manner. Even leftists media outlets said that these photos will come back to haunt Biden if he decides to run for President. The point is that it speaks volumes when one considers what the left is willing to put up with from powerful men who attack women who simply do not agree with leftist ideology. It gives a good idea of why men like Harvey Weinstein, CK Luis, Al Franken and others were able to get away with the spate of bad behavior for so long with their mistreatment of women. Their political stance gave them leeway that others will never be given. Is it any wonder that so many of the men caught in these scandals are men on the left, and prominent members of the Democrat Party? Observe the media’s silence on the political affiliation of so many of these men.

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