The Left’s Campaign against Bigotry

Since the election of Donald Trump, the toleracracy has come out in full force. These guardians of virtue, so deeply disturbed by the prospect of what a Trump Presidency would do quickly moved to establish themselves as the principal defenders of all that is good. With Trump you see, the country was about to be sucked into a black hole of bigotry and intolerance from which the country likely would never escape. These bastions of decency immediately sprang into action, enlisting the muscle and influence of the most powerful in our society. They would rise up against the grotesque monster newly elected as the country’s forty fifth President. The battle was on, and they embarked on the odyssey to restore the country’s honor in a manner that we have never witnessed before. In a colossal display of tolerance, the likes of which we have never witnessed; leaders of the movement began unveiling their long term strategy through the tactics they immediately began to employ.

Immediately after the election, protesters took to the streets to let us know that the man duly elected by the people of the United States as the next President of the United States “is not my President.” Protests broke out across the country and in some places riots also erupted as the guardians of tolerance embarked on their mission to restore decency to our time honored traditions. Much righteous indignation was directed at those deplorable citizens who committed the unspeakable act of voting for Donald Trump, and rejecting that paragon of virtue, Hillary Clinton. In one graphic video we saw a group of young black people target, beat and rob a white racist pig who voted for Trump. The upstanding young black men, while administering their beating to the man let him know exactly why they were doing it, just in case there was any doubt as to why he was getting his behind kicked. They taught him a master lesson in tolerance! Bigotry will not be accepted. That was just the beginning of the resistance to hate. In another video a young disabled white man was tortured as his black assailants said f*** Trump. Since then, the unrelenting fight against hate has continued. The following is just a smattering of examples in the continued battle to stop hate, and get people to embrace love.

Representative John Lewis refused and still does, to accept Donald Trump as the legitimate President of the United States. He stated that Donald Trump was not the legitimate President, and in an act designed to bring people together, he and sixty six other congressmen boycotted the Presidential inauguration. After this act of unity designed to bring the country together, the liberal stalwart Maxine Waters, never one to be outdone, took the love fest to a higher level. She immediately began making calls for impeachment before President Trump even assumed the office of President. Being the lover that she is, but virulent in her hatred of bigotry, she declared; “I don’t respect him, I have no intention of working with him. He is just too intolerant for her. She then went on to call his cabinet members a bunch of scumbags. As the reality that Donald Trump would indeed be the President for at least the next four years began to really sink in, the toleracracy stepped up their game, and intensified their fight against hate.

They brought out the heavy artillery, and began a blitzkrieg of love. The heavy hitters of Hollywood, those cultural warriors known for spreading love came out in full force. They have not disappointed.  In a show of courage, Stephen Colbert let the President Know that the only thing that his mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*** holster. To show us how much she hates bigotry, Kathy Griffin simulated the chopping off of the President’s head. After an outcry in response to her action, she apologized, but being a woman of principle she took back her apology, and has continued her campaign of love standing up against the President and his vile, sick, deplorable followers who hate immigrants, despise women, and loathe minorities, want to kill old people and eat babies. The rapper Bow Wow told the President to “shut up before I pimp Melania.” Snoop Dog produced a video of himself shooting the President who he portrayed as a clown. Recently, Keith Olberman, speaking truth to power, and telling it like it is, said that President Trump is worse than Osama Bin Laden. A few days later after the mass shooting in Texas, he let us know that President Trump is a pig for offering thoughts and prayers instead of gun control. Since the election of President Trump, we’ve had over sixty celebrities saying public f*** you to the President, and in one case, we even have a performer who closes every concert with a giant f*** Trump on a screen in the background. On college campuses across America lefty love spreaders shut down any speech that they deem to be hate speech. They have rioted, burned and destroyed property all in the noble stance against hate. The movement known as ANTIFA has been part of a violent revolution akin to the American Revolution, and in the process they let everyone know that their violence is justified. The media, in the meanwhile continues to be a part of the movement, focusing all of its attention where it belongs, on the President and his hateful army of deplorables.

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