The Poison of Leftist Ideology

Ladies and gentlemen, leftist ideology is a philosophy that is based on grievance, and it relies on stirring up discontent among the people of the country in order to further leftist doctrine. Now to be clear, no one is saying that all of the people on the left are mal-contents who are trying to divide the people, but at the core of this movement facilitated by the movers and the shakers of this ideology is grievance. It is a pillar upon which much of the movement is built, and continues to thrive. Demons play an important necessary role in this philosophy. The left relies on the central role that demons play, in order to be successful. Where real demons exist, they must exaggerate the ramifications of their existence, and where none exists, the left has no problem pulling them out of thin air. They then go to work, feverishly trying to convince everyone that the world is on fire because of the demon that they created. They then present themselves as the only ones with the hose and water to put out the fire. This chicanery is often cloaked in the mantle of compassion in the effort to appeal to people’s emotions. Ideas matter little to the proponents of this sinister ideology because in the arena of ideas, they are at a handicap.

Let us take the topic of healthcare for one moment as an example of how they operate.  Observe how the left is never ever willing to discuss healthcare in a dispassionate, rational way. Every attempt to fix the broken system is immediately attacked as an attempt to leave people stranded in the wilderness surrounded by sickness, disease and a cabal of angry, evil white men whose only intent is to step on the downtrodden in order to feed an insatiable desire for riches. They have convinced people that health care is a need that they are entitled to which must be provided by the government, and any attempt to get people more invested in their own welfare must be based on an evil intent, and and evil desire to well the pockets of insurance companies. Regardless of what one thinks about this issue, or how to address this very important subject, or how one feels about what needs to be done to fix it is not the point of this discussion. The point is the way that the left responds every time to efforts to correct the problem. They demonize their opponents, create an atmosphere of fear and stir up discontent.

The same approach to illegal immigration can be observed at any time. It is one of the most blatantly dishonest responses ever by the left to any given topic. Those who are genuinely concerned about the overwhelming flow of none vetted people coming into the country illegally, and the possible consequences to our economy, our social welfare infrastructure, and our way of life are immediately labelled as anti-immigrant. The issues that concerned Americans raise are summarily dismissed. There is no interest in having a serious discussion because there is a chance that many of the issues that people raise may be found to be legitimate issues, and once people begin having rational conversations, the left loses the advantage. Turning the discussion into accusations of hatred for immigrants, xenophobia and white supremacy keeps the spirit of grievance alive. The left then gets to portray themselves as champions of the downtrodden in the make believe world that they create, all the while keeping the fires of discontent burning.

Another area that continues to be fodder for the grievance posse is abortion and birth control. There is absolutely no willingness on the part of the people who call themselves progressive to discuss this sensitive issue in an honest manner. Right out of the block, they begin framing the argument as “wanting to tell women what to do with their own bodies,” when that is not at all what the issue is for most people who oppose abortion. We will not get into a detailed discussion of abortion at this moment, but just for clarification; the issue is whether the life developing inside of the woman should be wantonly discarded simply because nature made women the vessel through which life comes into the world. Does the barbarity of procedures like partial birth abortion belong in a civil society?  Is it right that a twelve year old girl could walk into an abortion clinic and get an abortion without the approval of, or without notifying her parents? On the issue of birth control, no one wants to ban birth control. It is absurd to suggest that anyone does. Many people simply have a problem with the government ordering businesses and insurance companies to provide contraceptives to anyone. People have a problem with forcing religious organizations to go against their conscience to provide abortifacient drugs simply because the government says that they must. They question why anyone else must bear the cost of others’ sex life. The left is only interested in framing the argument as a so called war against women without ever addressing the nuances involved in all of these issues. Dealing with all of these issues in a calm, objective way is of no interest to them because it removes from their political arsenal their main weapon.  Grievance!

These are not the only issues that they approach this way. Look at the way they have fermented hatred against the police, with devastating consequences to the communities that most need the police. Observe as they continue to push the white supremacy narrative every day. They continue to cast aspersions on the white male with impunity. They push the narrative that America is a society that oppresses minorities and abuses its women. If one disagrees with gay marriage, that person is labeled a homophobe. If you oppose the idea of men who call themselves women using women’s bathrooms you are labeled a transphobe. If you point out the problem of Islamic terrorism then you hate Moslems, and on and on it goes, with no end in sight as to what will offend them next. For crying out loud, a person cannot even put on a sombrero for Cinco de Mayo; if that person is not Mexican, he she will be accused of “cultural appropriation.”  The left is never satisfied no matter how much people try to appease them, and every time people buckle to their unreasonable demands they become more emboldened. It is time to say enough!

This is how the left has operated for decades. Their tactics have been very successful, and they have made people afraid to open their mouths for fear of being tarred and feathered. Most people do not want to be labelled as racist. If the label is successfully attached, it can end friendships, divide families and destroy careers, so people cower in fear and avoid speaking out on the very important issues of race that matter to them if their opinion is not in keeping with leftist doctrine. Decent people do not want to be identified as hateful for simply having opinions that differ from the left. It is time however to start standing up to this bully movement that is only interested in name calling, character assassination and pushing the grievance culture. Go one step further, and say no to the one political party that has encouraged, and been the champions of this poisonous movement. Reject the Democrat Party!

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