Chaos in the White House and a Rudderless Republican Party

It’s been difficult to look at, but one has to admit that about a week ago, both the Trump White house, and the Republican Party was looking like they were in total disarray. Sure, some measure of it is because of the efforts to undermine the administration. That is a given! President Obama faced nothing like this. His agenda was vigorously opposed, but there was nothing like what we are witnessing with Trump. Despite that fact though, so much of what we see going on is no doubt self-inflicted. With the infighting that we saw going on, the words of an old parable that Jesus gave, that a house divided cannot stand comes to mind. To describe the flow of unauthorized information coming out of the White House as leaks seem like a gross understatement of what is occurring. What is happening with privileged information coming out seems more like a faucet that is turned on to full capacity in the disclosure of this privileged information. President Trump appointed a man as his communications Director who did not seem to understand that a main function of his job is to present the White house in a favorable light. Instead, in a vulgar tirade that is more worthy of a street hoodlum trying to make a point with his boys the only way he knows how to, Mr. Scaramucci called on a reporter, as the Presidents Communications Director, a representative of the United States government, to engage in foul mouthed diatribe that one certainly would not expect coming from a White House Communications representative more so the director.

Even if you are a supporter of Trump you have to wonder what the heck is going on with all of these gaffes. On top of all of that the President was publicly trying to shame his attorney General who is zealously enacting his agenda. Trump is blaming Sessions for something that numerous people have pointed out is Trumps own fault. In true Trumpian fashion, he refuses to listen to anyone who tells him that attacking the man who has been his most loyal supporter, and who endured the Democrat gauntlet of attempted character assassination, insults and abuse, is not a good idea. We will see if he lets up or continues to attack this man who has been behind him almost every step of the way. We know that Trump is a different kind of animal, and he likes to go against convention, but what we have witnessed in the last week seems more like chaos that an unorthodox approach to doing business.

Since the chaos of the last week The President seems to be making an attempt to right the ship, by hiring Lieutenant General Ret. John Kelly to bring some discipline to the White House after the resignation of former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, in addition; earlier on today we saw Scaramucci rightfully tender his resignation as Chief Communications Director. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a more focused, disciplined and on target team working together with the President to communicate, and advance the President’s agenda.

On the other end, the Republican Party seems intent on committing Hari Kiri as they demonstrate that they are incapable of communicating their message in a cogent manner, and explaining why their agenda is better for most citizens. As the Democratic Party becomes more socialist, more statist, and unabashedly demagogic; the Republicans still find it difficult to positively contrast themselves with this party that embraces so many destructive policies, and embraces such an ugly approach to politics. It is now also abundantly clear that the Republican Party who never worked on a Replacement Obamacare bill for the entire eight years that they were out of the White House only opposed Obama care as a show. It is evident that everything they did was simply a play to the gallery. Grand standing if you will! It is absolutely amazing to watch. No wonder so many people have absolutely no faith in the system, and they choose to not get involved, or get worked up about the daily posturings that happen every day in Washington. And that’s all it is, isn’t it? Posturing! There is no reason that these people shouldn’t have had a bill ready to pass after spending the last seven years talking about how bad Obama care was,. The Democrats, despite what one may think about them, never break ranks. They are always united and ready to move forward with their agenda no matter how destructive it may be.

After pursuing their health care goals for the last hundred years or so, when they got their opportunity to enact it they were ready to jump on it. Except for having to convince a few of their colleagues who had some reservations about the bill, there were no real hiccups to overcome for them. When people started exposing flaws in the bill they simply put it as a PDF file on the Government website so that no one could conduct detailed searches without tediously trying to decipher all of the information every time, that way  the bill escaped a lot of the scrutiny that many ordinary citizens would have otherwise given it. When one Democrat Senator objected to abortion provisions in the bill, he was simply promised that no money would go to abortion, then President Obama quickly broke that promise when the bill was passed. Who can forget Nancy Pelosi who famously said “you have to pass the bill to know what’s in it.” Republicans do not possess that same dogged will to move their agenda forward that that the Democrat Party possesses. The Democrats are relentless. They think long term. Republicans on the other hand want to be liked, they do not want to be accused of not caring for the poor, being racist, hating women and children, so they get caught up in trying to show that they are none of those things, because it is the tactic that the Democrats use every single time, and it works.

There is no excuse for failing to pass the legislation that was one of the pivotal reasons for their success at the polls since 2010. Even if it was just a handful of Senators who ended up dooming the bill, it is still inexcusable. They reason they fail is because they lack of foresight. Good planning would have allowed them to know what obstacles they needed to overcome to get their repeal bill passed, and work with their members ahead of time to find something that works. It is almost like they do not know what to do with their success, and they are trying to prove the accepted notion that the ruling party almost always loses in the mid-terms is true.  Unless something drastic happens in the next sixteen months, or the Democratic Party self-destructs (and that is always a possibility), the Republicans look like they are on their way to a colossal defeat. If that happens this could be defined as the classic case of snatching defeat out of the hands of victory, because not only are they failing in their attempt to pass health care reform, but they are hopelessly stuck, and can’t seem to move their legislative agenda forward. Wow!

Everybody knows what they will get with the Democrats. They will propose more spending to give people more stuff, they will continue in their quest to get more people dependent on the government in order to gain more, and more control in the lives of people while at the same time securing the votes of these people. They will continue to push the idea that despite over two hundred years of American history showing the opposite, that people can’t make it on their own, and they need the Government to take care of them. They will continue to race bait, cause discontent between the rich and the poor, push the narrative that the police are against black people, and push the grievance culture,  they will  continue their assault on the first amendment, the second amendment and block judges who do not believe that “the constitution is a  living breathing document.” They will call anyone who objects to their social engineering bigots, and push their demagoguery at every opportunity they get. That is their modus operandi.

It is a testament to how absolutely sad, incompetent, badly flawed and worthless the Republican Party is. It is absolutely astounding that in spite of all these negatives, there is a good chance that the people will chose the Democrat Party in 2018. How bankrupt is the Republican Party that in this environment they stand to lose their majority without accomplishing anything significant. Countering the destructive policies of the Democratic Party should be as easy as picking fruit from a tree with the fruit hanging at waist level, but even that is too difficult for a Republican Party that is lacking in courage and real leadership. They are incapable of making hard decisions and showing real leadership.

It is still early in the game, but things do not look good for the Republican Party in 2018. They have only themselves to blame if things fall apart. Grab the popcorn. It’s about to get even more interesting.

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