Memories of a Rodeo Clown

Does anyone remember the rodeo clown who dressed up like President Obama back in 2011 at the Wisconsin State fare? The clown had dressed up like other Presidents in the past, and made fun of them also,   this case was different though.

The clown who had no idea that the America of President Barrack Obama did not allow such sacrilege was about to find out what it was like to blaspheme the holy one of America. After committing his act of blasphemy, he would find out that that his sin was punishable by the powerful guardians of his holiness Barrack.

How dare this, this…this…this rodeo clown think that he could make fun of…sound the trumpet…the first black President of the United States (feel the tingle run down the spine as one says those precious words).  Such acts were forbidden, but this rodeo clown never got the message, though the sacred proclamation had gone out several times before in the media and elsewhere; he never got the memo.

One Obama disciple exclaimed that it was “like some kind of Klan rally you’d see on TV.” Another disciple said “It wasn’t clean; it wasn’t fun. It was awful; it was sickening. It was racist.”

The response to the clown’s transgression was swift, the punishment severe. It did not matter that similar depictions of past Presidents had been done before. That is free speech doggone it! When a rodeo clown takes it upon himself to do the same act, in the same spirit of fun that it was done in the past, but this time with the black guy sitting in the white house;  that is racism.

There are no excuses. He ought to have known better.  It is self-evident as the sun rising in the east. You do not make fun of the black President.

The media had a field day following the incident. CNN doing what they do best (bringing us the news that matter), treated the story like the aftermath of the 11 September 2001 attacks against the twin towers in New York City. For the next week they pushed the story, lamenting, complaining, and questioning what a horrible, awful, evil, racist country the United States is.

They had guests aplenty who gave credence to the idea that this otherwise unknown rodeo clown who had performed the same act before was a scourge to society, and that he needed to be forever banished from the shores of the United States to an uninhabited unknown planet outside our galaxy. For his sins, this previously unknown rodeo clown, who (just in case you missed it) had done the same act before with other sitting Presidents was banned for life from participating in the Missouri State fair.

He begged for forgiveness, but there would be no redemption. This was the political equivalent of the unforgivable sin. He would not, could not be redeemed! The president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association resigned, and according to reports, had his life threatened for being the enabler of the transgressor clown.

He was bombarded from every direction by those who disapproved of his actions. The man was in such a state of panic that he thought he would lose his job as Superintendent of the school district where he worked. His lawyer said “he’s shaking like a small dog passing razor blades.”

According to CNN, the Missouri State Fair Commission said that “before it will consider contracting with the association again, “they must provide evidence to the director of the Missouri State Fair that they have proof that all officials and subcontractors of the MRCA have successfully participated in sensitivity training.” Yes folks, you read that right, sensitivity training, or as they called it in the former Soviet Union when people dared to challenge the authority, re-education camp.

This is what happened a long time ago in America’s history…oh no wait a minute, this is just a few years ago during the reign of Barrack The First, also known as Barack The great, also known as THE MOHSSST DISS-REE-SPECKTED PRESIDENT EVVAH! Even more disrespected than George W. Bush by the way, for anyone interested, famously known as the dumb President, but let us not digress any further.

Fast forward just a few months after the reign of the great one. When a rapper says to the sitting President: “you’d better shut your mouth before I pimp your wife” the reaction is quite different. When a State lawmaker says that the President is guaranteed to not serve out his full term, especially if the lawmaker gets near him, the response is, meh no big deal! When 67 congressmen boycotted the inauguration of the President, he brought it on himself.

When popular celebrities talk about thoughts of blowing up the white house, who cares, these people don’t matter. When celebrities threaten to beat the sitting President with a baseball bat, and a couple more portray themselves doing violence to the President in their music videos and plays, and another one talks about suffocating him with a pillow, that is all free speech.

It has not slowed down even a little since those first few months.

Well we understand. This is all acceptable behavior because the guy in the white house is not a Democrat right? This automatically makes the behavior acceptable. Second, he is not black and most important of all he is an old white male. He is from that one demographic that Americans can say anything about, no matter how despicable.

He deserves the treatment that he is getting, after all; in the eyes of his detractors, he is just a rodeo clown.

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