Bringing Down the Trump Presidency

To anyone who voted for Donald Trump, do not lose your resolve, in fact; let everything that you are seeing now serve as motivation to defeat the forces that have decided their main goal is to destroy his Presidency. This is not about hero worship. President Donald Trump is not God, in fact; he is far from perfect. He is a very fallible man. Despite his flaws though, he is proving that he has the fortitude to make the tough decisions that those who voted for him expected him to make, and he is doing it in the face of an onslaught, the likes of which we have not seen before. The media has suddenly come alive, after eight years of virtually being dead, and allowing the previous administration to say, do and get away with anything. They have once again discovered what it is to be hard hitting journalists. Essentially what the President is accused of is being a Russian mole. The accusation is that as candidate Trump, he actively worked with the Russian government to sabotage the Clinton campaign. Since Mrs. Clinton’s defeat this has been the narrative. Without any evidence, based strictly on innuendo; the narrative has caught afire and now the country is caught in the midst of the blaze. No one should be surprised by this because the left never ever gives up. Now more than ever, those who voted the President into power have to stand their ground and fight back.

Those who voted for Trump do not come from a culture of grievance. They do not live in a state of gripe. While they have been contented to live and let live, the left has over a long period of time mastered the art of stirring discontent. As they continued their relentless march over the years to remake the country into something that the framers of the constitution never imagined, conservatives have for the most part stayed on the sidelines. With the election of the radical Barrack Obama who promised to radically transform America, conservatives were forced into political action in a way that they never were before. The tea party was born in opposition to his radical agenda, and from that moment on, the mission to destroy the Tea Party was on, the battle for the soul of America entered a new phase.  As usual with the left, they had no intentions of waging the battle in the arena of ideas. Character assassination became a major element of their strategy. With a black man being elected to the highest office in the land, and the most powerful position in the world, they had the perfect foil to take out any one who opposed them. Anyone who opposed the black President’s agenda would be accused of not wanting to see a black man in office, they were called racists, wanting to take black people back to Jim Crow. The media forsook their role of holding those in power accountable and became flag bearers for the new administration. They became mindless sycophants cheering for an administration that could do no wrong in their eyes because they shared the administration’s agenda.

Fast forward eight years later, and the media has rediscovered what it is to be inquisitive. Once again, they are hard hitting journalists who speak truth to power, and hold politicians accountable. The truth is ladies and gentlemen that when these journalists talk about speaking truth to power, what they really mean is speaking truth to Republican power. The same press that is now running away with every conspiracy theory, and relentlessly pursuing all the rumors surrounding the President had no interest in pursuing the Benghazi scandal. They had no interest in the IRS scandal, and the fact that an arm of the government was targeting citizens because of their political persuasion. These people who are so fastidiously going after the President never displayed the same enthusiasm to get to the bottom of the fast and furious scandal. When Mr. Obama’s point man on his health care plan was heard calling the American people stupid, and said that they relied on that stupidity to pass health care, the media had no interest in going after the President in the same manner they are going after Mr. Trump now. They had no problem when Mr. Obama’s spokesman admitted lying to the American people about the Iranian Mullahs, in order to better sell the Iranian Nuclear Arms deal to the American people. The media was not interested in President Obama telling the outgoing Russian Prime Minister to let the incoming Prime Minister Vladimir Putin know that he would have more flexibility after the election. They are however interested in a Russian Collusion story that has absolutely no basis.

These people are shameless, in their latest efforts they have accused the President of divulging Secret information to the Russians. Fake news! Last week they were having a cow because a Russian photographer was in the white House. Now it is the James Comey memo, a memo that no one has seen, and that is supposed to lead to the President’s impeachment. References to Watergate abound because of the memo. They think they have the smoking gun they need, but what they are forgetting is that earlier this month James Comey said the following in response to Congresswoman Mazie Hirono (member house judiciary committee) asking if anyone had ever asked him to drop any investigation. He responded “not in my experience because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something without an appropriate purpose, often times they give us an opinion that we don’t see a case there, so you ought to stop investing resources in it, but I’m talking about something where we were told to stop an investigation for political reasons, that would be a very big deal. It has not happened in my experience.” So if you are following, he said in early May that he has never experienced anyone asking him to drop an investigation, but the memo that he supposedly has of Trump asking him to drop the investigation is from February. In addition, according to his own words, it is not unusual for the justice department to give an opinion that there is no case, and maybe they should stop investing resources. That means it is possible to suggest stopping an investigation for other reasons besides wanting to derail it. So was Comey telling truth on 3 May 2017 when he said no one has ever asked him to stop an investigation or are his surrogates telling the truth about the memo he supposedly did back in February? This is the same Mr. Comey who laid out a very long case showing how Hillary Clinton broke the law, then said that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against her because there was no intent to break the law.

It is important to keep in mind that this entire case is based entirely on innuendo, not any evidence that President Trump did anything untoward during the elections. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein came out again yesterday, and said in response to a question from CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer that she has seen no evidence that the President and his campaign colluded with Russia, yet the investigation goes on. Trump Nemesis Maxine Waters admitted that they have no evidence of Russian collusion. A few days ago James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, told a Senate Judiciary committee that he still has not seen any evidence of any kind of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian foreign nationals. So what is this all about ladies and gentlemen? It is quite simple, bringing down the Trump Presidency. That is all this is. These people have been talking about impeachment before Trump even took the oath of office. They are hoping that their scorched earth tactics will wear down the President and his supporters. Trump supporters cannot afford to give in to the left. This battle is for the soul of America, and we have seen with eight years of Barrack Obama what they are willing to do. At the end of the day, it is still about the Supreme Court, religious freedom, the second amendment, illegal immigration, the rule of law, preserving our institutions and maintaining our unique American culture. Don’t be cowed into silence or retreat Trump voters.

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