A facebook Chat about “Everyday Racism” and Donald Trump

I hope you are interested in extending this conversation a bit. Like I tell always say, and will once again; it is hard to address these issues in sound bites. You got my attention when you told me that you face discrimination every day. I will never dare to tell another man what his experience is, but I do have questions about such a strong statement. When you say that you face racism every day, could you be more specific please? Tell me who is treating you with prejudice, what institutions are being racist against you. Is it on your job, do you not have a human resource department that is committed to diversity like most organizations in America? Are you being denied opportunities for advancement on your job? Has your HR department not been following the legal mandates of the civil rights act of 1964, and not enforcing the Equal Employment Opportunity provisions? Are people calling you the N word on the streets, are you being denied service at public institutions because of your color. Are you being harassed daily by the police for no reason? Are you being denied access to entitlement programs? Again, please give me specific examples of this discrimination against you. Where is it happening, who is committing these acts? Have you been denied a loan over and over again despite having excellent credit, and demonstrating that you have the means to pay it back? Have you been denied access to higher education, are there no loans, scholarships, or other programs available to you as a black man. Are people discriminating against you in housing? You see, you are not the first person I have heard say that you face discrimination every day. In order to fight discrimination we have to identify where it is coming from, who is doing it, and the manner it is being perpetrated in order to fight it. I am not talking about vague accusations, generalizations, or interpretations of racism, but detailed specifics. But here is my biggest question to you; how has this racism against you kept you from successfully living your life, how has it kept you back from achieving the goals that you set for yourself. What specifically have you had to fight and overcome because of racism in order to get what has been more easily accessible to people of a different color? Please explain. On the other issues, the question still stands. What drives your decision to vote for a candidate? What do you think the role of government is in people’s lives, what do you think the role of the Supreme court is, do you believe that the government should be using tax payer dollars to support the abortion industry, do you think that the first amendment is absolutely essential to a free society. Do you think that the way out of poverty is for the Government to take from the haves and give to the have nots?  What is your political philosophy, does your political philosophy determine how your vote, or do you go with the narratives that one party is out to hurt the poor, destroy black people, poison the water and throw old people over the cliff? Do you carefully examine each issue and then cast your vote. If you do then fine, you have the right to support the party or candidate of your choice. On the other issue, how is it possible to be so disturbed by Donald Trump’s character, and yet so vigorously support a woman whose life has been engulfed in scandal. Is it that you do not know about these scandals? Doesn’t the Russia uranium deal bother you, how about the bilking of the hundreds of millions donated to the people of Haiti through the Clinton foundation that never to this day has gotten to the people, the only beneficiaries being donors to the foundation? Does it not bother you to the same extent that numerous women have accused her of trying to harm, threaten and/or discredit them after accusing her husband of rape, sexual assault or harassment. I am not going to rehash all of the scandals surrounding her entire public life, but come on man. If after a careful, independent examination of her and Donald Trump’s career you are convinced that she is a better choice then so be it. What are the specific lies of Donald Trump that worry you so much? Do you realize that the Obama justice department conducted themselves so shamefully in one case that the judge ordered the lawyers to take ethics classes? How about the fact that one of the main architects of Obamacare was caught on a hot mike saying that they had to depend on the stupidity of the American people to pass Obamacare? Love your doctor keep your doctor, love your health plan, keep your health plan, remember that? How about another member of the administration saying with his own mouth, that while they were telling the American people they were reaching out to moderate Iranian Mullahs, there never was any moderates among the Iranian Mullahs, but they will rely on the ignorance of 27 year old ignorant journalists to sell the Iranian deal to the American people? How about the IRS targeting conservative groups, and denying them the status they needed based on their politics. Did Mr. Obama’s rhetoric not worry you because he said it in a smooth way with a velvet tongue? How about his insistence that the police are targeting black men, and then five policemen got killed, targeted execution style as an act of “revenge” for the so-called targeting of black men. Mr. Obama then showed up at these noble men’s funerals and continued his rhetoric at the service. Did fast and furious bother you? So far Donald Trump is honoring what the courts decide. Barrack Obama just did his thing in spite of the court’s decision in a few cases. So tell me what comparable has Donald Trump done so far? On the other issue, have you seen the way that the left has been unhinged since Trump’s election? I gave you examples earlier. With people like Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Chuck Schumer, Keith Ellison, Tom Perez and others leading the other side, do you seriously believe that they are not going to fall apart. Have you see their platform, have you listened to the things these people say, have you seen their behavior? I give examples all the time. Anyway, the truth is that I do not know how this thing will go because the American people have shown themselves to be resilient, and gluttons for abuse simultaneously. Only time will tell. I am not as confident as you are one way or the other. By the way, like I said before. I do not doubt that racism exists. I simply do not believe that it is the problem that so many black people and white liberals make it out to be.

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