No Boundaries

As the time goes on, this stuff becomes more and more fascinating to watch. Observing members of the toleracracy descend further and further into the gutter, one can’t help but wonder how deep and how far they are willing to go. Apparently there are no boundaries. About one week ago the younger daughter of President Donald Trump was shunned by fashion editors of some very popular fashion magazines at a New York Fashion Week show. Like a scene stolen from directly from the movie Mean Girls, these bastions of tolerance determined that she needed to be ostracized so that she would know how they feel about her father. They no doubt see themselves as champions of woman’s causes…unless of course they do not like the politics of a particular woman’s father. During the shunning of the young Ms. Trump, they felt so proudly of their actions that they tweeted about it. It was such a bad example of how to treat people that ultra-liberal apologist Whoopi Goldberg did something that the left does not do much, by calling out the editors, and coming to the young woman’s defense. Just to mention again, the right does not behave this way, or if they do; they are always roundly condemned by everyone including their own. This is not the first time that one of Mr. Trump’s daughters has been targeted, and singled out for abuse by members of the open minded society. Older daughter Ivanka Trump was targeted for abuse by a male passenger on a plane while traveling with her husband. On that occasion too, the harassers felt justified in pestering this woman because they do not like her father’s politics, and just like in the other incident the “husband” of the man boasted about it on Twitter.

Ask yourself dear reader, why would these people after targeting women for abuse, feel emboldened to publish via Twitter the stories of their exploits. The answer to that question ladies and gentlemen is quite simple. It is because they know that they are held to a different standard, and that as long as a conservative or Republican is the ultimate target of their abuse, it justifies any action on their part. Once again it is important to note that so many of these people are not your random troll, or your run of the mill jerk that anyone could run into anywhere. These are often prominent people in their fields. The man on the plane was a University professor. A lot of them are also very influential in the Democrat party. This fact, ladies and gentlemen is what makes them dangerous. Many of them are people of influence with the capacity to cause real harm.

It should give us pause and cause us to ask what would happen if these people get their hands on unfettered power. They currently have a powerful foothold on the media, academia, and the entertainment industry. They rule the culture. If they ever get a hold of political power again, and also end up controlling the judiciary, in addition to the other institutions that they control, people will wonder what became of the United States. It cannot be stated more clearly that this ideology is dangerous, and it must be said again that this is not meant as hyperbole. It is not said to shock, but to cause awareness and make people think deeper about what would happen if the left truly gets control of all the major institutions in society. They continue to show their hand more and more in the way that they treat people who disagree with them. They loot, they riot, they beat up those they oppose, threaten livelihoods, careers, hurl insults, and try to silence the people who do not share their ideology. They become more emboldened and their behavior becomes more vituperative with the passage of time as the shock of their actions become less and less offensive to the sensibilities. In the meanwhile people continue to become entrapped by their promises to make America into a Utopian paradise where nothing ever goes wrong and no one wants for anything.

The reason for constantly highlighting the hate and vitriol of the left is not to paint conservatives as victims or paragons of virtue, but to highlight the viciousness that is a central aspect of this ideology. Conservatives have their issues and their own demons to contend with, but when it comes to political intolerance and the unwillingness to fight battles based on the strength of ideas, the left has that market cornered. Those who oppose leftist ideology must know what it is they are up against when they decide to challenge it.

As we continue to see reaction to the election of Donald Trump, understand that the hysteria is not going to taper off. The media will continue to attack everything that he does. They will not let up! Hollywood and liberal professors are going to continue to wield their influence in the effort to ensure that this election is just a blip in their relentless march to make America into something it was never intended to be. Those who voted for Donald Trump must not forget why they voted for him. He is unapologetic in his love for the country, he believes in American strength, he stands for law and order, believes that the first (especially religious liberty and freedom of speech), and the second amendment must be protected, and that America has a unique leadership role in the world. We can all agree that he is a deeply flawed man, but so was Winston Churchill who turned out to be a leader for the ages (only time will tell for President Trump). Don’t get caught up in the cult of personality, hold him accountable, and let us continue to pray that Mr. Trump can live up to the promise that many saw in him, and help to steer the country back to prosperity, where “in God we trust” is more than just a nice slogan on a coin.

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