A Show of Real Courage

A couple days ago, a young black (multiracial if you prefer) woman at the Grammy awards demonstrably showed what it is to be black and free. She showed what it is to be unfettered by the chains that many attempt to place on black people, telling them what to think, what they should believe, and with whom they should associate. In the face of unwarranted criticism, ridicule, and scorn she chose to go against the tide, and in the process show that she indeed had the backbone to swim upstream. We have seen in the last few weeks that one of the easiest ways for celebrities to be showered with praise is to use these award shows as their soap box to bash President Trump. Instead this young woman chose the occasion of the Grammy’s to show her support for the President. People tune in to Hollywood to be entertained, and not to be lectured to by spoiled Hollywood elites, but that is what they have used their platform to do. It is in this environment that Joy Villa chose to go against the grain and use the opportunity to show   support for President Trump in the dress that she chose to wear. She showed that she is no dead fish just floating downstream with the current. People are free to support whomsoever they choose to get behind politically, and people have the right to disagree with the President of the United States, or any other politician for that matter, but the climate of vitriol and hate that has been encouraged and promoted by the left since the election of Donald Trump is breathtaking. It is to the point that people’s livelihood could actually be threatened for having the “wrong” point of view. People are not content to oppose the President politically, apparently they have to be shrill in their opposition. It seems that opposition to the current President must include the view that he hates women, that he is a racist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, a bigot and for the topping on the cake, a Nazi. This viewpoint is not based on the life that he has lived, but on a premise that they know what is in his heart and mind.

It is in the shadow of all this hate for the President that Ms. Villa decided to unabashedly and apologetically show her support for the President. She knew that she’d be called a coon, a house ni****, a sellout, and other names with equally colorful adjectives, for no other reason than that she supports the President of the United States, and wants to at least give him a chance to govern. Ms. Villa decided to be open with her support nevertheless. She knows that none of the negative labels (whatever they may mean) that people attempt to place on her applies to her, and she makes no apologies for her stance. Since the event, she has gone on to not just symbolically state her support for the President, but to boldly voice it with clarity.

There is nothing special in itself about showing support for the sitting President. It should not even matter, but it tells us so much about where we are as a society that it requires an act of bravery to do so in order to make a point. The reason for this is simple. It is because the left (spurred on by politicians in the Democrat Party) have decided that they have a monopoly on determining, and deciding who, and what is best for the country. Anyone who disagrees with their vision for the country must be destroyed. They do not care who it is. They become particularly venomous if they perceive that people who they think should “know better” step out of line. In their world of identity politics, if what they consider as the wrong opinion comes from a member of a group they have designated as a victim class, and for whom they see themselves as protectors; it is even worse. These people save the worst of their vitriol for any black person who dares to show a streak of independence, for women who do not march to the beat of the radical feminist drum, for gays who do not buy into their hysteria, and anyone else who refuses to play by their sick rules.

The irony is that in all of this virulent hatred, they see themselves as the guardians of tolerance. Many of the folks on the left are so far gone that a couple of weeks ago when provocateur extraordinaire Lady Gaga refused to get political at the Super Bowl half time show, she incurred their wrath because she refused to go into a diatribe against the President. She however is one of their own and will be forgiven for her momentary lapse of judgment. It is the people like Joy Villa to whom they are most unforgiving. She is her own woman. Defying this perpetually aggrieved bunch, Miss Villa said: “I just get tired of the narrative of hate-you’re racist, you’re a bigot, you’re this, you’re that, people losing jobs all because they voted for a now elected President.” She went on to say. “For me, I voted for Trump, and a lot of my friends did as well,” she continued” “and we felt like we had to be closeted, we had to be quiet about it, or we would face a backlash and bullying.” Boy was she right, two months later and the madness still has not died down for his election victory. The left and their minions claim that President Obama was treated the same way when he was elected, but they know that this is not true. He was not! It must be said till people begin to absorb that this behavior is the almost exclusive domain on the left. It must be pointed out at every opportunity. There is no parallel on the right to what we have seen on display since the election of Donald Trump.

What makes this young woman’s act of defiance so remarkable is that she knew going in that she would be attacked for he stance. She refused to take the safe and easy road in an industry that is reputed for its vengefulness against those who hold the “wrong” views. Since her bold act, sales of her music has skyrocketed and she has been showered with praise for what by no measure should require an act of courage. Her decision is commendable, and she is the perfect example of how people should stand for what they believe. In her words “go big or go home, stand for what you believe or fall for what you don’t.” Well done Miss Villa.

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