Facebook Conversation Spurred by Last Post


x) Lmao for some reason I seem to remember questioning rhe same thing 8 years ago. Hmmm i wonder where some of those people are now.

y) Hey, what we are seeing now did not happen eight years ago. There was opposition to the Bank bailout, the stimlus and then finally what we affectionately call Obamacare. Every issue was specific and policy based. It gave rise to a political movement that organized at the grassroots level and pursued a political course to bring change. What we are witnessing today is unprecedented, there is no parallel on the other side, none, zero, zilch, naught (you may find an isolated case or two). This is the behavior of one side of the political spectrum, and it happens every single time they lose, only this time it is a whole new level.

b) This sounds like a parallel universe to me. The amount of times I heard Barack Obama being disrespected by Republicans during his 8 years in office was deafening. Where was the cries from the right about respect for the office of the President. They even disrespected the first lady!!! The way I see it was what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

y) Nothing even close to what we are seeing now happened. There was opposition to specific policies, but absolutely nothing like this, not in the selection of his cabinet, not in the name calling, not in the protests before he was even sworn in, no calls for impeachment, no discussions in the media about him being assassinated, no riots in the streets, no blocking highways, no violence against his supporters, no calls by celebrities to punch him in the face, no one on Saturday night live calling him a black bit.., no calls by celebrities or former administration officials calling for a military coup, no high profile celebrities wishing that he gets f…by a rhino, no warnings from Hollywood directors that “it’s only the beginning” after students rioted, looted and burned because they were displeased by a supporter of the President speaking at their school, no CNN commentators calling anybody mediocre Negroes (or whiteys) because they met with Mr. Obama…should I go on? The job of the opposition party is to oppose because they have different visions about how to run the country. There is nothing wrong with that, but this is unprecedented (with a few exceptions). There is no movement that is jerk free. This is almost the exclusive domain of the left…they must own it! The right disassociates itself from its jerks because they know they are judged by a higher standard, the left embraces theirs and gives them a platform. Remember when a Congressman shouted out “you lie” to President Obama during his address to Congress. The lapdog media immediately pounced on him and accused him of racism, and his party roundly him criticized for the stunt.Give examples of this behavior on the right! But I love you all anyway. The Tea Party literally cleaned up after their rallies and they chased off the undesirables who sought to capitalize on their movement. Many times leftists actually tried to infiltrate their rallies in hoods, and holding Nazi signs, and other despicable actions, but they were never able to successfully pin their projections on the Tea Party. No my dear cousins, nephews etc. The right competes in the arena of ideas, a place where the left is always intellectually outmatched so they have to appeal to people’s emotions, labeling everything racist, or any other number of labels. That is how they win.

b) I’ll give you 3 strictly political examples.
1. Rep Doug Lamborn called the former president “tar baby” during a debt ceiling debate. 2. When a leader of the house invited Israel Prime Minister to address Congress without the consulting the President, that was “unprecedented”. 3. When Newt Gingrich said Mr Obama engaged in Kenyan, anti colonial behavior. I’ll add 1 more. When the New Yorker depicted Michelle Obama as a gun toting militant and Barack dressed in Muslim attire. The blatant disrespect Mr Obama and his family has faced from the time he took office was profound. I can give yoy countless more examples but I’m sure you nor I have the time. The backlash Mr Trump has gotten is what he has invited because of his divisive rhetoric. You say Obama only got criticized because of policy disputes. Well if protests with dummy replicas of Mr Obama being lynched and depicted as a Muslim is over policy, well then I must be seriously deluded by the media. Both parties have shown disrespect to the other I’m sure. But to even say what Mr Trump is getting is worse than Mr Obama and what Mr Obama got was strictly over policy is completely asinine

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