When We Respected the Office of the President

Does anyone remember that time in American history when people respected the Presidency despite disagreeing with the person at the helm of the office? It was a time when, the President could do no wrong and everyone came to worship at his feet. The President was able to move mountains with his grandiloquent speeches. Back in those days criticizing the President was anathema. No matter how valid one felt the criticism was, no matter how deserving of rebuke one believed, one simply was not allowed to criticize the President. It was a long time ago, and with the short term memory that so many Americans have, it may be difficult for many to remember. Today, those that do remember are looking back nostalgically at those halcyon days when our sitting President walked on water, and could do no wrong. Back in those days, if one “crossed the line” and personally attacked the President, it was considered as blasphemous, and those who dared to do it felt the wrath of the President’s protectors.

At one point during that period of our history, one upstart TV news opinion host, in a display of braggadocio thought that he could get away with calling out the President, and pointed out what he perceived was a flaw in the President’s character. That was the TV host’s first mistake, for the newly elected President had no flaws, and was incapable of making mistakes. This TV host should have known that he did not stand a chance months earlier when one devoted follower of the President had declared that “I would not have to worry about putting gas in my car, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying my mortgage.” This President was different. He was deity!

After this TV host declared that the President hated white people, the world came the closest to World War three than it had in the prior decades during the height of the cold war. Predictions of the Apocalypse ensued, and the gentleman was roundly criticized for even allowing the thought that the President did not like white people to cross his mind. The thinking was that anyone who made such a statement was just another privileged white man accustomed to undeservedly reaping the benefits of his whiteness, spewing off at the mouth. Before he could figure out what happened, he was apologizing for the sin of attacking the immaculate President. He was chastised for being insensitive, out of touch and being a racist. Calls for civil discourse followed for the rest of that President’s term in office, anyone who dared to rise up against him or his policies with any unsavory words felt the wrath of the Praetorian Guard media.

Nothing that happened under this President’s watch was his fault and just by virtue of him being in office at the time, served to prevent even bigger messes (if anything that happened under his watch can indeed be called a mess). The American people who believed that he deserved at least some of the blame were never smart enough to understand how just having this brilliant presence in the White House was in itself a privilege and blessing, the likes of which America had never known.  Issues like Solyndra, the Fast and Furious scandal (which was not really a scandal because as we have been since been reminded in the history books, this President had no scandals under his watch), Benghazi, the email scandal of his Secretary of State (another non scandal), the pulling out of American troops from Iraq triggering one of the worst refugee crises the world has ever seen, the decent of Afghanistan back into chaos, an Iranian deal that many experts say will lead to a nuclear Iran, the targeting of journalists, one of the biggest environmental disasters, GDP never reaching 3 percent during his entire term, the demonization of the police etc., etc., etc., are all just misunderstandings. The list goes, on, but why bother because these were the best of times.

Today it is now acceptable to protest a President before he is even sworn into office. It is now OK to call the President a Nazi, a white b***h, a psychopath, a dictator, mentally unstable, declare that he “is not my President,” and for the media to openly talk about the President getting assassinated. Obstructing the selection of a cabinet to get on with the country’s business is no big deal, sullying the good name of anyone chosen to serve in the administration is OK. Rioting on college campuses, wreaking havoc on the streets, destroying private property, blocking traffic on America’s highways, and committing violence against anyone who disagrees with the status quo are all perfectly fine tactics to rid the country of what those who know better than ordinary, decent law abiding citizens, have determined is a cancer. It is all justified, because the old Praetorian Guard that once ferociously protected the President during the happy days of yore have determined that the current President in particular is dangerous. Having made this determination, they have deemed that any type of behavior is okay to bring about the demise of this Presidency. They will hold no one accountable for any of the madness that many are now witnessing play out all over the country. The behavior that is currently on display, as people work feverishly to bring about the downfall of a President they do not like is necessary and good. Bravo for these courageous people of the resistance!

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