Hate and Violence over Free Speech

Two nights ago at the University of California Berkley, students came out to show their outrage, and protested over an event on their campus. The protests soon descended into a chaotic scene as the demonstrators displayed their primal instincts by rioting in response to the event.They rioted like soccer hooligans angry that their favorite team had just lost to their most bitter rivals in the European Cup finals. They wreaked havoc in the process as they looted and destroyed property, they blocked traffic, and set parts of their campus on fire. Some attacked supporters of President Trump as they protested and took a stand in the name of “tolerance.” What were these protesters so angry about you may ask. Well, they wanted to shut down speech that they did not sanction. They labelled it hate speech-which pretty much means that it was a speech that challenged their liberal ideas. They called the speaker a “White Nationalist.” It did not matter that the speaker was a gay man, a man, for whose demographic they usually see themselves as champions. What matters the most is that he dares to stray from the path that the speech and thought police have laid out for him as a gay man.To be quite clear, the speaker, a man by the name of Milo Yianopoulous is quite crude. His whole schtick is based on challenging the boundaries laid down by the enforcers of political correctness, but he is no racist, White Nationalist or “alt-right champion.” He can be quite obscene, foul mouthed and obnoxious. In the midst of this, he also espouses many conservative principles, and he is a big supporter of President Donald Trump. For this more than anything he has incurred the wrath of the tolerocracy who deem it acceptable to behave in the manner they claim speak out against. For them, tolerance is a one way street. It means being accepting of their belief system.

The media has attempted to  change the narrative by blaming the riots, and the violence on Mr. Yianopoulos, and the right in general. They do not see the irony in their continued attacks on conservatives, for conservatives’ so-called intolerance, while the people they rabidly defend and for whom they have forsaken their responsibility continue to resort to violence, and all manner hateful rhetoric and vitriol over and over again. After the rioting seen around the world was done, in a post that should cause tingles to run down, and up the spine of anyone who cherishes free speech, and the political process in this country; a Hollywood celebrity took to Twitter to warn conservatives. Director Judd Apatow let it be known that “this is just the beginning. When will all the fools who are still supporting Trump realize what is at stake?” Translated, this simply means that if you voted for or support President Trump, you deserve what you get and there is more to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, for anyone who does not believe that the left in this country (spurred on by the Democrat party) is dangerous; you need to reevaluate your assumption. What we are seeing in our country today, if not addressed, and continues to be encouraged by Politicians displeased over the election of Donald Trump, will lead to terrible consequences. This madness that we are seeing currently on display will not end well.

In a demonstration of how hysteria now common place on the left, a former member of President Obama’s Administration has suggested that a Military coup to get rid of President Trump could be warranted. Liberal Comedian Sarah Silverman echoed her sentiments, and said: “WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE. ONCE THE MILITARY IS W US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING & HIS HANDLERS GO BYE BYE.” Reporters openly talk about the President being assassinated and as as usual, the anti-Trump media is not interested in any of this. They are not condemning this behavior, they are not calling on Democrat politicians to appeal to their base to stop. As cities across the country openly defy the federal government and refuse enforce federal law, the media remains conspicuously silent. Many conservatives ask if what we are seeing now had happened under a Democrat administration, what would the reaction would have been.

Once again, it is important to lend some perspective to what is taking place in the country right now. With the unprecedented reaction that we are seeing in response to the election of President Donald Trump, the question must be asked; why is this acceptable, but opposition to President Obama’s policies was largely deemed to be racist (even though he was able to get a large part of his agenda passed)? Those who opposed President Obama’s policies were just as passionate when he was elected twice, but they behaved like adults and respected the political process. This is the biggest difference between the right and the left. The left is violent and cannot trade in the market place of ideas. Their arguments do not stand. The have to appeal to people’s emotions, use hysteria, demonize people, threaten and intimidate in order to get support for their message and their cause. They are literally dangerous! What we are seeing today is an indicator of what will happen if these people ever get their hands on unfettered power.


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