The Unhinged Left

On inauguration day the tolerant masses came out in a display of righteous indignation to Protest the swearing in of President Elect Donald Trump. To no one’s surprise, they did what was expected of them. At different venues, they clashed with the police, some vandalized buildings, vehicles were set on fire, they burned garbage, some yelled f***k Trump, and of course there was no shortage of their favorite activity-violence. For eight years every bit of opposition to the sitting President was deemed to be racist, no matter how peaceful, or no matter the reason. The Tea Party was savaged in the media for their opposition to President Obama’s policies. They never engaged in this type of conduct. Their opposition to many of President Obamas policies was always fierce, but they were always respectful. The media did everything to cast them in a negative light, and tried to associate them with Nazis, the KKK, and other extremist groups, but despite their differences with President Obama the Tea Party always maintained their decorum, and eight years later, what we are seeing now in response to the new President cannot be compared to any display of opposition to President Obama. There is simply no parallel!

Once again, it is plain for everyone with just a sliver of discernment to see that this behavior is almost exclusively the Domain of the left. This does not mean that there are no extremists on the right, but by and large they engage in the political process in a respectful manner, and leaders always forcefully disavow those whose behavior tends to put a blot on their movement. Once again, there is no equivalent to what we have seen on the part of the left since the election of Donald Trump, especially in the last few weeks leading up to inauguration day. How these people have ever been able to claim the moral high ground remains a mystery because this conduct by them is not anything new.  The people who have engaged in this behavior over the years have to a very large extent primarily belonged to one political party. Guess which party it is.

Every rare instance of violence, display of racism or any negative behavior by conservatives is always used to cast a blanket over the entire conservative movement or the Republican party, but the Democrat party continues to get a pass no matter how despicable the behavior of their followers may be, and the fact that the vitriol, utter hatred, intolerance, bigotry and violence that has been on display by them is standard operating procedure. Not everyone on the left or in the Democrat Party approves of this behavior. Many of them are decent people, but it would be dishonest to say that the recalcitrant players on the left are just a fringe element of the party. They are part of the mainstream of the party, and many prominent people in their movement engages in this behavior. Until leaders in their party begin to unequivocally disassociate themselves from them, and forcefully disavow themselves from these hooligans, they will continue to drag down the Democrat party.

What many of the people who did not vote for President Trump, and are behaving like spoiled children fail to realize is that the people who opposed President Obama in 2012 were just as disappointed, but they understood, and had appreciation for the political process. They used the disappointment to fuel their passion, and it helped to usher in one of the biggest political comebacks in American history. There were no CEOs calling for the assignation of President Obama, none calling on their workers who voted for him to resign. They did not go out in the streets and block traffic, vandalize buildings, or attack Mr. Obama’s supporters. They kept their focus and continued to make the case for change.

As the left continues to talk to us about tolerance, they continue to demonstrate a complete lack of self-awareness with their contrary behavior. Today the Hollywood director Joss Whedon referred to Ivanka Trump as a Pekinese breed of dog. As anyone who has been paying attention knows, another word for a female dog is b**ch. Imagine for one moment if Chelsea Clinton was referred to as a Pekinese. In another instance over the weekend a comedian on Saturday night live joked that Barron Trump will be the first home schooled mass murdered. Now imagine again if a conservative had made some tasteless joke like this about one of President Obama’s children. There would be no end to the race baiting, we’d here how racist the country is and how angry white people are about a black man in the white house.  Liberals feel comfortable behaving this way because they know that they are held to a different standard. If there happens to be an outcry as there was in the case of Madonna, in response to her expressed desire to blow up the white house; then an excuse that she was taken out of context or an apology would suffice. They hardly ever pay the same price as those on the right who may engage in similar behavior. They can always find rest in the political party that has provided them a home for decades. Let them continue to become unhinged and expose themselves for they really are. They are afraid of engaging in the arena of ideas, because their policies are based on emotions and good intentions, but they do not work and this is all that they have to offer in response. Maybe this display is what we need for people to finally reject their party and banish them into political exile. They should remain in exile until they reacquaint themselves with the mainstream of America.

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