Trump Protests

Anyone who wonders what life in the twilight zone looks like needs only to look at the post 2016 Presidential Elections. All across the country we see protesters marching against the President-Elect in the hope that…not quite sure what they hope to achieve. They do not like the election results so they are screaming at the top of their lungs “not my President,” “hey, hey, ho, ho Donald Trump has got to go.” Students have staged walkouts, others have blocked roadways, some are calling for his “impeachment,” others are destroying property, attacking Trump supporters, and in some instances others are rioting. The entire display is filled with unbelievable hate and vitriol. The people in the streets at the moment are the ones who were calling for, and demanding that Trump accept and respect the election results when they thought their candidate would win. Of course the media is not condemning the current events with the same gusto they used when they railed against some violent incidents that occurred at a few Trump rallies, (incidents that paled in comparison to the acts of violence against Trump supporters) prior to the elections. Protesting is a cherished tool of Democracy, but it is important to keep in mind that Mr. Trump has not even been sworn in to office as yet.

“There will be casualties on both sides, there will be, because people have to die to make changes in this world.” These are the words of one protester as she raised her voice in righteous indignation protesting against Donald Trump. Liberals are blaming racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and other types of bigotry for the election of Donald Trump. It is shameful that people are behaving in this way, and it takes away from the genuine occurrences, and the seriousness, and elements of real racism that exists in our country. From a purely ideological perspective, it is quite delicious to see people on the left lose their minds over this election. Observing the breath taking hypocrisy of the left is truly amazing. Once again we have proof positive that in America the left is not held to the same standard that everyone else is held to, and that they can get away with anything. One thing that they must keep in mind however, but of which they seem to be totally, and blissfully unaware, it is that crying wolf falsely, eventually loses its effectiveness.

The left believes that screaming “F… Donald Trump,” or “Rape Melania,” flying Mexican flags and burning American flags will endear them to most Americans, but they are incapable of self-reflection and recognizing their error. They do not even see the irony in their behavior as they bellow at the top of their lungs “love trumps hate.” This behavior means that they will continue refusing to self-reflect, and as a result; they will make the same mistakes over and over again-until they do learn to self-reflect.

The left refuses to consider the possibility that the American people simply do not like their agenda and many of the things they stand for, and the American people therefore rejected it. This refusal on the part of the left bodes well for the conservative movement if they make use of the opportunity, and refuse to give in to the left’s premise, and accept the narrative of the left, then become defensive. Leftists fail to realize that they are the ones who are trying to change the country in ways that Americans just a few years ago would have found difficult to believe.

In addition to the aforementioned, constantly labeling the people of this country as bigots is not a winning strategy. In the minds of leftists, white people have no reason to be dissatisfied with anything because after all, white people are a monolithic group of rich oppressors. It seems that liberals believe that targeting the largest ethnic group with negative and hateful rhetoric, and caricaturing and stereotyping them is a way to draw these people to their side. They say the nastiest things about white people, they celebrate because white people’s numbers are decreasing, they blame them for everything that is wrong in the country, and they delegitimize the concerns of white people, but then are surprised when white voters reject their agenda and their ideology.

Those who opposed Barrack Obama never reacted this way to his election. People were just as disappointed when John McCain and Mitt Romney lost, but they never acted this way. The Tea Party never behaved in this manner. No one can produce any video of a tea party rally with people shouting F… President Obama, or beating up his supporters, in fact; tea party members were the victims of violence at their own rallies.  The Tea Party was the model of conducting dissent in a civil manner. They even cleaned up their garbage, and tried to leave the sites where they held their rallies cleaner than they met them. They opposed Mr. Obama’s policies, and never started protesting until Mr. Obama was sworn in to office and began implementing his agenda. They were savaged by the press and accused of racism at every turn. Criticizing the first black President was anathema. Today it is once again considered patriotic to dissent. It is now OK to say anything no matter how vile against the new President-Elect, and he has not even taken the oath of office as yet. It is going to be one heck of a ride!

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