Lift Up Your Head Trump Voters

Keep your head up those of who you voted for Donald Trump, and remember why you did it.  You did nothing wrong, you have no reason to feel ashamed, and most of all; do not allow yourself be cowered into silence. You listened to the candidates. You examined their stance on the issues, and you voted your conscience for the person you believed is best suited to run the country for the next four years (regardless of how you feel about him personally). That’s the way the system works. As the left becomes more unhinged, and shows their true colors you should feel vindicated in your decision. Once again, the people who continue to always demonize those who disagree with them as bigots, are demonstrating that they are the intolerant ones. As usual, they are engaging in what they do best when they do not get their way. They are resorting to acts of violence and intimidation, destroying property and insulting those who did not vote for their candidate.

Ladies and gentleman when we say to you that leftism is dangerous, it is not hyperbole. We do not say this to get people riled up emotionally, or to be provocative, but to enlighten them, and help them to understand this nefarious movement. It is often disguised in the mantle of caring and compassion, and is based heavily on feelings. It is an ale of self-righteousness that leaves its practitioners inebriated, and in the process affects their ability to reason.  Results do not matter! Because liberal policies generally do not work, and they cannot survive in the arena of ideas, the tools that the proponents of this dangerous philosophy employ are designed to shame those who oppose them into submission. There is no need to argue on the merits of illegal immigration when you can simply paint opponents as anti-immigrant. Having a discussion on the barbarism of abortion is not necessary when one can portray abortion opponents as anti-women or misogynists. A discussion on how a mandatory minimum wage hurts the people it is intended to help, and how it hurts the economy in general becomes totally unnecessary if one can successfully convince everyone that those who oppose it are heartless politicians who only want to protect their rich friends, and big business. One simply needs to throw out the word homophobe, or bigot to kill any debate about why it is not a good idea for the government to force a business to participate in a gay wedding if the owners have a religious objection to it. This strategy saves liberals from the need to always defend their ideas, because they win most of their support by tapping into the raw emotion that is usually attached to their policies.

When the left preaches tolerance, what they mean is tolerance for their agenda. Tolerance in their world is a one way street. When they speak of diversity, it does not include diversity of ideas. What it actually means is conformity to their ideas or else… Their behavior since the election of Donald Trump exposes these people for who they are. In this video a group of black men beat up a Trump supporter. “Beat his a..s,”, one of the women shouts as the young men pummel the man for the sole reason that he voted for Donald Trump (or they think he did because he is white). How’s that for tolerance? In this story, the righteous crowd in their indignation become very hostile. They called for an end to “white supremacy,” they vandalized buildings, burned Trump in effigy, and shattered glass in a surrounding building. With their usual grandiose eloquence they wrote: Die whites, F..k Trump in graffiti, and engaged in other strident misbehavior.  This is not incidental, it is standard operating procedure for the left, they will do anything, they will stop at nothing to further their agenda. This is who they are. We have seen it over and over again across the decades. Here are just a few more stories that feature the “tolerant” left:

…Netflix Star Threatens to Beat Republicans with Baseball Bat

Rick Ross Music Vid: Assassinate Trump Like I’m  Zimmerman

Samantha Bee: White People Have Ruined America

Grubhub CEO tells Employees who agree with Trump to Resign

As the left continues to discredit itself, hold your head up high If you are a Trump supporter. Those of you who are still in the closet, come out with boldness. Remember why you voted for Donald Trump. Your causes are just, they make sense. Illegal immigration and a smart overall immigration policy that places emphasis on the benefits to America is a legitimate issue. Smart trade policies that place Americans first make sense. Addressing the plight of Americans in the inner cities who have been taken for granted by Democrats for decades is not racist. You are not misogynistic because you rejected one of the most corrupt people to run for the office of the President. You voted to get rid of the albatross that is Obamacare, because of the constant race baiting, class warfare and the incessant appeal to identity politics. You do not like the stupid Iran Nuclear arms deal, the way that the fight against Islamic Terrorism has been fought, and you voted for law and order. The freedoms enshrined in the constitution like the first and second amendment are important to you, and you are tired of political correctness. Some of you liked the message of more school choice for you children, and the idea of school vouchers. This is why you voted! So no, do not hang your head in shame because you voted for Donald Trump, in fact; you should be proud because you said no to the status quo, in favor of someone who you believe is willing to make tough decisions, tackle the issues that are important to you, and initiate real change.

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