The Candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the Arrogance of the Democrat Party

The candidacy of Hillary Clinton should serve as the primary exhibit on the colossal arrogance of the Democrat party.  This woman has been in public life and served in some of the highest positions of influence for decades, but has no significant accomplishments to her name. When asked what her major accomplishments are, she spits out a nebulous cliché that she has been “working for women and children her entire life,” without giving any specifics whatsoever on what she has accomplished. Her record in the Senate is less impressive with no significant accomplishment to her name there either. She has left a trail of failure behind her, and everything that she touches turns to dust. She has enriched herself through her connections, not because of any particular skill that she possesses, and has been a controversial figure since she first entered public life. She has been directly linked to some of the biggest scandals in politics over the last four decades, but she continues to skate on by without being held accountable. Mrs. Clinton’s life is the perfect example of how the level of outrage directed at politicians for their misdeeds depends on the party to which they belong. If the politician is a leftist Democrat, it most likely means that no apologies would be necessary, but in the event that they do say sorry; that apology will wipe away the multitude of sins. Just like the statement “black lives matter,” should be changed to “black lives matter…but only when shot by a white policeman,” so too should the saying “speaking truth to power,” should be changed to “speaking truth to Republican or conservative power.

What is most alarming about Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy is the way that she flippantly brushes aside all calls for accountability, and calmly goes about her business with an attitude that suggests she simply cannot be bothered by those who do dare to call her out on her recklessness. Recall for instance how she won her party’s candidacy. We found out that during the primaries the Democrat Party fixed the process so that no other candidate in their party would stand a chance at winning. When Bernie Sanders started making a challenge out of nowhere, the leadership of the Democrat Party conspired even further to prevent him from winning the candidacy. The proof that the leadership was actively working against Sanders was so extensive that the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schulz who was not the only one on the leadership committee working against Mr. Sanders, resigned (but not in disgrace). After she resigned she got a job working on the Clinton Campaign. That is the height of arrogance! We found out recently that Donna Brazile who was the vice chair of the DNC and took over from Wasserman Schulz, also worked against Sanders providing the Clinton Campaign information on Sanders. The dishonesty does not end with Mr. Sanders. Donna Brazile while working for the CNN provided information to Mrs. Clinton on one of the questions that Mrs. Clinton would get during the debate with Donald Trump. CNN has since gotten rid of her but there has been no outcry, no looping of the story in the Media, and Donna Brazile is still the head of the DNC. The life of a Democrat is blissfully unaccountable. They can do no wrong, and they become more arrogant as time goes on.

Mrs. Clinton’s history of corruption is well known. Prior to all of the revelations in the WikiLeaks documents, everyone knew who this woman’s reputation. The WikiLeaks dump was just more confirmation. Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy demonstrates the contempt that the Democratic Party has for their supporters and the country at large. They know and understand well that they are held to a different standard so they do not even make any effort to give their best. This does not suggest that the Republican Party is pure and has no corruption. The difference is that Republicans and/or Conservatives generally are not allowed to get away with any hint of corruption, and those caught in it generally end up disappearing or being ostracized by their party.

Here are just a few examples of what Democrats have been allowed to do over the years without much political repercussions. These examples clearly show why a candidate like Hillary Clinton can be celebrated in the Democrat Party and the Media, while a candidate like Donald Trump is excoriated.

Champion Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel “repeatedly used his office to raise money from corporations with business before him, concealed thousands of dollars in rental income and illegally accepted multiple rent control apartments in his district.”  Outrage over his deeds were largely absent and he has never paid a political price.

President Obam never got called out when he put a defense industry lobbyist to be second in command at the Pentagon.

Timothy Geitner was confirmed as Treasury Secretary even after it was revealed that he failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes.

We could go on and on, the list is extensive but here are just a few more:

Rob Filner a Democrat Mayor resigned in 2013 after too many allegations of sexual harassment, and he ended up pleaded guilty on other charges. We never heard about the war on women in this case and again hardly any mention that he was a Democrat.

NJ Mayor Tony Mack was convicted after being caught in a Federal sting back in 2012. He was just one in a list of Democrat NJ Mayors who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law since 2000.

California Senator Leeland Yee in 2015 was caught in a planned gun smuggling scheme after pretending to be a staunch gun control advocate. Americans were never bombarded day and night with such a significant story of corruption.

Keith Farham was caught in a child pornography sting operation. Think about the difference in the way that Republican Senator Larry Craig was portrayed and how he could not get out of the news cycle for his far less egregious act.

During the corruption scandal and the trial of Rod Blagojavich no one emphasized the fact that he was a Democrat. He was just a “corrupt politician.”

Who can forget the lion of the Senate Ted Kennedy, the Democrat poster boy for being held to a different standard or Marion Barry who somehow managed to successfully turn calls for his resignation after being caught smoking crack with a prostitute into charges of racism. He went to jail and was reelected as Mayor. How about Barney Frank who survived for years as a congressman after running a brothel out of his home-in addition to other improprieties.

Many would remember how the news media constantly talked about the link between Jack Abramoff and the Republican Party when he was convicted on his corruption charges. By the same token, when Bernie Madoff was caught in the biggest scam in American history that involved over fifty billion dollars, to this day; hardly anyone knows of his connections to the Democratic party.

Again, this is simply to demonstrate the double standard that is constantly applied to the Democrat party, to show how they continue to get a pass on their misbehavior yet continue to thrive while portraying themselves as models of virtue. It is in this environment that a candidate like Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for the highest office in the land. It is time to say no to the Democrats with a resounding rejection of their candidate.  Call them out on their hypocrisy. Say no to Hillary Clinton.


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