Hollywood Has Spoken

Here are the words of some in Hollywood making their final appeal to the electorate:

“Je…s F…ing Ch…t, please vote.”

What do we expect from the people who have done the most in contributing to the cultural rot that now plagues our society, where everything is relative, where nothing is right or wrong, and being judgmental is the only sin?

From Miley Cyrus who spread eagles herself during her performances on stage and then cavorts on upstage to protrude her hips so that audience members can grope her private parts, to Madonna who promises bl..w j…bs to anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton, not to forget that sophisticated regular visitor to the white house, Beyonce Knowles (who the first lady said she would be if she could be anyone else) who lets us know that “I’m the sh..t, I’m the sh..t (what you want I’m the sh…t), curvalicious, p…y delicious, or Robert DeNiro who wants to punch Donald Trump in the face, yes they all want us to go out and vote for Hillary Clinton. In a classy display of tolerance, those smart people in the video admonish us all (including the basket of deplorables) to vote for their candidate who has a known history of corruption, failure, whose fingerprints are smack daub on many of the perils currently facing the country, and who has shown that she is willing to do anything for power. Let’s ignore everything that we know to be true about her, and go pull that lever for Mrs. Clinton. The policies that she has told us with her own mouth that she wants to institute do not matter.

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