The Trump Phenomenon

Is it possible that one of the main reasons people are so up in arms about Donald Trump is because he fights back? In the past, all that was needed to shut up a Republican was to accuse that person of racism, sexism or any flavor of the day “ism,” and that person would go into hiding. The accusers never needed to have proof, only to continue perpetuating the narrative and that was enough. The media would pick it up and they too would push the narrative, then as sure as the sun rises in the east; the accused would apologize for offending whoever was the aggrieved person or victim group. Trump (obnoxious as he is) says what is on his mind, he does not yield to the pressure of political correctness, then goes on the offensive when people try to label him, or purport to know what is going on in his mind and on his heart. He not only defends himself, but he goes into full throttle attack mode and he does it aggressively.

Liberals have grown so accustomed to assassinating the character of anyone who disagrees with them, without the targets of their vitriol putting up any kind of real fight that they are shocked, and do not know what to do with someone like Trump who defends himself. On the other hand, the members of Mr. Trump’s party have been so scared of the left and being labeled by them, that they believe any deviation from their strategy of constantly playing defense, apologizing, and trying to show everyone that they are not bad people is going to doom their party.

It took Donald Trump’s brashness to finally bring attention to the exploits of Bill Clinton. People have known about Bill Clinton’s shenanigans for years. They were no secret, but Clinton has never been vigorously challenged about them. Many of the women who claim to have been mistreated by Clinton, have claimed that Mrs. Clinton, in defense of her husband, have tried to intimidate them into silence. In other instances she has tried to humiliate them publicly, but was never called out for her actions by anyone in the media (except maybe fox news and other conservative radio hosts).

In the 1970s Mrs. Clinton defended a pedophile rapist in court who had raped a 12 year old girl. The Washington Free Beacon’s Alan Goodman reports that Mrs. Clinton in an interview describes how she was certain that the defendant was guilty, but she used a technicality plea bargain on his behalf, and got him a sentence of time already served (two months). Before anyone says that she was only doing her job as a lawyer, remember that this is a woman who sells herself as a champion of the defenseless (particularly women and girls) and in addition; she did not have to take the case (especially if she felt strongly that the defendant committed the brutal crime). These things were known for years, but the complicit media never cared enough to question her on these issues. For the faithful, the cause of the liberal ideology is what matters most.

Donald Trump has made it clear that he “hits back” and people (particularly liberals) are in a quandary because he hits back hard, and he plays as dirty as they do. They are not accustomed to anything like it.

As they continue to defend the Clintons, the media stresses that these are all old accusations and nobody wants to rehash the “discredited claims” of the past. These are the same people who in 2012 thought that it was important for the electorate to know that Mitt Romney transported his dog on the roof of his car twenty years earlier, and that he once played a prank on a school mate in high school. They now believe that old claims of impropriety are irrelevant, and that the alleged women victims have been discredited. In true liberal fashion they offer no evidence showing that the claims of the women have been discredited. They just say it. Normally that would be enough except for an unorthodox candidate by the name Donald Trump.

There are many concerns about the Clinton foundation, but in addition to all of the other problems with their foundation; in 2013 it was revealed that the Clinton foundation gave only ten percent of its donations to charity, thirty three percent went to salaries, and the rest went to other administrative costs. Imagine what the response would be if the people who run this foundation were not named Clinton, or if they were not liberals. Again this is not anything new, but Mr. Trump has been critical of their organization’s dubious accountability practices, and as a result more people are asking questions about the Clinton foundation. One year ago the foundation had to refile its taxes up to five years back because of “errors”  to the sum of millions of dollars in their reporting. In another glittering example of how liberals can do no wrong, all they needed to say was oops my bad and that was the end of it.

It is because of Donald Trump that Americans are now more aware of the illegal immigration problem. He has highlighted the negative effects that cheap unskilled labor has on the wages of Americans. Because of Mr. Trump many Americans who were not paying attention are now aware of the explosion of crime committed by illegal immigrants. People are now talking about health risks posed by the lack of checks on the influx of people coming illegally from third world countries where many communicable diseases that have been virtually eliminated in the United States are still rampant, they are more cognizant of the added burden that unchecked illegal immigration places on an already overburdened welfare system. For the first time in years, the issue of illegal immigration  and the ramifications on the country is in focus.

People may disagree with Donald Trump and his rhetoric, even conservatives do not trust him and they are concerned about his stance on some important issues. He no doubt could use some lessons on tact. He definitely needs to learn how to be more gracious towards people in general, but he has been able to shake up the political class, draw attention to many of the issues that people are concerned about, and highlight the hypocrisy of the left in a way that few have been able to do.



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