The Dangerours March of Liberalism

The relentless march of the left in pursuit of their radical agenda continues unabated. Destructive policies are championed with gusto regardless of the consequences. A new victim group is invented seemingly every day, and with it comes a suffocating onslaught by liberals on the rest of the country to not only give in to their demands, but they also demand acceptance. We now live in a country where many people no longer see themselves as being primarily (with the help of God) responsible for shaping their own future. They honestly believe that it is the role of the government to provide their needs.  They become incensed whenever things go wrong in their lives and they have to put forth effort, time and/or spend their own money to satisfy their needs and achieve their goals. They complain that life is unfair, they are jealous of those who are successful and they believe that there is a government formula or solution to make everything in life fair.

These people do not accept that people have different abilities and talents, that some are willing to work harder than others to achieve their dreams, and most of all they cannot accept that sometimes things simply go wrong in life. They believe that there is a bogey man for everything that goes wrong in life, and they look towards the government for the solution to all of their problems. They are the people who fret over corruption on Wall Street, but are often willing to look the other way when it comes to government corruption. The fact that the Government earns trillions of dollars in tax revenue every year yet continues to find itself so deeply in debt is of little consequence to these good people. While they fret at Goldman Sachs, their ire is not stirred to the same degree by government incompetence that is daily on display, and costs taxpayers billions of dollars each and every single day. For many, as long as they could continue to feed off of government largess, as long as they continue to get their goodies from the public trough “it’s all good”.

It was over two hundred years ago that a very wise man said “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits, with the result that the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy”.

Today in America we have gone from being a country of self-made individuals to being very dependent on the government for our wellbeing. It is this attitude that caused the country to throw a collective tantrum a few years ago when a sitting President dared to suggest that people should be allowed to invest some of the money that they put into Social Security into a private fund of their own choice. Assurances that this change would only affect people within a certain age group did not matter. Members of the opposing party responded with the usual demagoguery, misrepresentation, and scare tactics in response to the President’s proposal. The idea of people being in charge of their own destiny is counterproductive to the liberal agenda because it gives those in control less power over the people. Today we have a government that is 20 Trillion dollars in debt, with billions more in monthly deficits, three quarters of the country’s budget goes into social programs (all of them unfunded liabilities). Social Security operates like a Ponzi Scheme and It takes about three people paying into the fund to pay for every one individual who collects it. There are ninety four million people out of the labor force, eleven million on disability another forty six million living in poverty despite the trillions upon trillions of dollars spent on the war on poverty.

Liberal cities all over America are failing, many of them are cesspools of crime, unemployment, they lag behind in education and the list of failure goes on, but liberals remain undaunted. They continue to demand more goodies, more free stuff, more spending more “taxes on the rich”. The idea of cutting spending implementing sound fiscal policy and teaching people to be self reliable is never an option for them. Tax and spend is their mantra. Keeping people dependent on the government furthers the cause of liberalism because once people are hooked, getting them to believe that they can be self-sufficient again is improbable. Liberals can then use the excuse of compassion to make even more demands and the cycle never ends.

In the unrelenting pursuit of their liberal agenda, they also seek to radically alter the culture through social engineering, and they are just as vicious in the way that they seek to bring about their panacea. The President recently directed that schools all across the country to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that matches their “gender identity”. Mr. Obama threatened to withhold funds from States with schools that receive federal funding if they do not comply with the directive. This President who has absolutely no problem releasing billions of dollars to a tyrannical Iranian regime with an atrocious human rights record, and that has fought a proxy war with America, killing many of our Service members during the Iraq war, is going to withhold funds from States that do not follow the administration’s “guidance”. Mr. Obama has no issue extending a conciliatory hand to the vicious tyrants of Cuba, smiling takings photos with them, posing in front a gigantic mural of the psychotic murderer Che Guevara (a man personally responsible for the torture and deaths of thousands of people), but he will not extend the same generosity to Americans who disagree with his new policy. He has no problem withholding funds and holding states hostage to his agenda. This is liberalism at its finest. it is dangerous and has to be defeated!

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