Democrats And CRT

When you consider CRT and the howls of denial from the left, Democrats, and the media, are you surprised? They tell you that it is the latest Republican ploy to distract you. They tell you that what they are really teaching is “all of American history,” as if we were no already teaching all of American history.

In the meantime when you read what they are actually teaching in many of these schools, it is very simple. It boils down to this, white people baaaaad, white people oppressor, white people have privilege. Black people victims, black people are starting every venture in their life ten paces behind. Black people can’t get ahead because white people baaad! No matter who you are, what your circumstances are; if you are white, you fit into one neat little category. If you are black, no matter what your circumstances are; you fit into one neat little category. 

After many parents (black and white parents), found out what the left is teaching their children in schools, many of them were rightfully outraged. Watching the left wing media go into overdrive defensive mode was stunning to behold. None of these organizations came out and said this is destructive. Not one of them did. Not one! They found a way instead to turn it around on the people opposing the destructive ideology that they are passing on to children. 

Republicans have found a new bogeyman they declared. Republicans are trying to distract you from their racism and white supremacy. Republicans are lying about critical race theory? Critical race theory is not what Republicans say it is? Critical race theory is a nuanced philosophy that is only taught in law schools. In the meanwhile parents are reading on schools’ websites what the schools are actually teaching their children. They are hearing teachers defend it. As parents read it, the left tells parents do not believe your lying eyes. Doubt your untruthful ears. It’s a Republican trick. As parents complain that they have to explain to their 7 year olds that they are not bad people because they are white, lefties shout “you are lying.” It is not really happening. 

So if for instance you are a parent in Cupertino California and your 7 old came home and said “mom guess what we did in school today?” Then she proceeds to tell you that the teacher made the class identify certain things about themselves that were either privileged or oppressed, based on nothing but the child’s immutable identity, as a parent you are just supposed to say; “how inspiring. Good for you kiddo.” If Tucker Carlson takes up the issue on Fox News, or the Gateway Pundit features it, the problems is not what they are actually teaching in said school in Cupertino California or other places. The problem is white supremacy. The problem is white privilege. The problem is Tucker Carlson. The issue is that Republicans pounced on the opportunity to scare people. You understand how that works?

What you really want as a white supremacist is to not teach the truth about systemic racism and American history. If as a parent you complain that in Seattle, schools want to teach that math is racist, you are not supposed to open your eyes wide in disbelief and scream out “whaaaat!” What you are supposed to do is hold up the back of your hand to check your pigmentation. If your pigmentation happens to be what we call white, you then proceed to check your privilege. That’s how it goes. 

Don’t be alarmed if a school in New York asks parents to “reflect on their whiteness,” the parents are supposed to dutifully comply. If you complain that this is not healthy nor is it right, Joy Reid will call you out on her nightly program, complaining about the KKK and white supremacy, and wanting to go back to the 1950s. You’ll either be shamed into accepting the premise of what they are teaching in the schools, or ostracized by the woke brigade. 

If you happen to be a state like Virginia and elect a Governor and Lieutenant Governor, who ran a campaign opposing CRT, the problem is not CRT. The problem is you. You see, teaching identify politics to six year olds is not a bad thing. It does not bad nor does it matter how many schools are teaching this divisive ideology. What is bad and matters most is that “Republicans seized” on the opportunity to fear monger. 

It runs a lot deeper that critical race theory. For instance, if black students are getting disciplined at a higher rate than white and Asian students, you do not look to see why that may be and try to fix it. You do not ask what the reason is if there is an actual discrepancy in bad behavior between the black students, the white students and the Asian students. Should that matter? Nope! All that matters is that there is a discrepancy. Just blame the discrepancy on racism, drop the disciplinary standards for everyone at the school so that you can have a more “even playing field,” with more equitable results. You then watch the school deteriorate as teachers become helpless to do anything. That’s how it goes. 

There is so much more to say on this and other issues that it would require a tome to write on all of them. The problem is never the problem. It is always some nefarious other, like a Republican pouncing, a Republican bogey man, white supremacy, the KKK, or some other nefarious monster to blame. No proof is ever necessary. Just say it. The media runs with it. It becomes the narrative. Voila!

The question is who is surprised by all of this? This is the Democrat Party after all. This is the left. This is who they are. Why stop now? No need to be ashamed. It’s time to double down. If you can’t deny it, triple down, then throw the blame on Republicans.

Do not ever forget that this is the party of the trail of tears, slavery, and the KKK. This is the party that opposed the 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th amendments. This is the party of Jim Crow and the revived KKK when their beloved progressive President Woodrow Wilson showed The Death of A Nation at the White House in 1921. This is the party of lynchings. This is the party that resegregated the Federal Government under Wilson. This is the party of peonage, (a system that many have described as worse than slavery. This is the party of Japanese internment camps. This is the party of the Rosewood massacre, the Ocoee massacre, the Black Wall Street masacre, the Helen massacre and others. This is the party whose legislatures, and Governors have passed almost every single segregationist law in the country (I say almost because someone may find a law or two passed by Republicans and say this is a lie). This is the party whose members vehemently spoke out against Brown vs Board of Education. This is the Party of Bull Connor. This is the party of George Wallace. This is the party that sicced the dogs on peaceful black marchers who were only asking to be treated equally. This is the Party that opposed the first black man selected to the Supreme court. This is the Party that did not support the 1957, and 1960 civil rights bills. This is the party that filibustered the 1964 civil rights bill for 75 days. They’ll gladly tell you that Strom Thurmond became a Republican after that, but they’ll leave out that Robert Byrd, Al Gore Senior, J. William Fullbright, and other Dixiecrats remained Democrats. Only Democrats get forgiveness.

So what is the  purpose of rehashing all of this? It is to stress that you should not be surprised by their staunch defense of CRT, and then trying to blame the fallout from it on Republicans. Remember, that up until today, 18 January 2021, the Democrats have never, ever, apologized for their terrible past. They will be quick to blame America, but they will never point an accusatory finger at themselves. They simply say the parties switched, then they’ll accuse anyone who opposes their policies of being racist, or scream white supremacy at the top of their lungs. 

Ahhh, the life of a Democrat politician!

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