Another look at the Increase in Asian American Hate Crimes

Since finding out that there was a slate of attacks against Americans of Asian descent the media automatically blamed President Trump for this increase in hostility toward Asian Americans.

Trump is such a meanie they said. He is calling the CORONA Virus the Chinese Virus they said. No doubt he is trying to get Asian people killed. Americans, racist bastards that they are; will start turning their racist eyes toward all people of Asian descent to discrimiminate against them and do them harm. Trump is trying to incite violence agains our Asian community. 

Never mind that  many diseases have always been named after the places from where they originate. Take a look at diseases like the West Nile Virus, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Ebola (named after the Ebola river in Africa as examples of illnesses named after places. Who can forget the Spanish flu or the Hong Kong flu, and while you are at it, go ahead and drop the Spotty Mountain Fever in there for good measure. 

This naming of diseases has been standard practice for decades, but a few years ago in 2015 the World Health Organization (WHO) suddenly decided that naming diseases after the places from which they came is inappropriate. We all know that because WHO said it, then that is the way it is going to be right?. After all they have the…ah… em…the uh…the uh…the credibility of the United Nations behind them. 

Everyone knows the United Nations. It is that international organization of renown. They have been known to put nations like Iran, Cuba, Libya and other despotic nations as members of the U.N. “Human Rights” Council. Yes…yes, that United Nations, the one that can always muster the courage to condemn the State of Israel for its response to tattacks by Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, but can never seem to condemn the Palestinians with the same gusto. 

Anyhoo! Back to the original topic, everyone concluded that Trump’s sole purpose for calling the CORONA Virus the China Virus was because he absolutely hated Asians. Without even a micro fraction of curiousity, that soon became the mantra on the left, the Democrat Party and members of the victim patrol everywhere. Trump hates Asians and he’s using the CORANA virus to justify his hatred. 

The fake news industrial complex, being the true enemy of the people, were all to happy to lead the propaganda effort against Trump who insisted that people not forget that the disease originated in China. They attempted to hide it from the world. They failed to warn other countries and in time they even attempted to blame the disease on the United States Miitary. But here is the irony, in all of this. Before it became a crime to call the CORONA Virus the China Virus, the media was quite happy to call it the Wuhan Virus, after the specific area in China from where it originated. 

Fellow inhabitants, it is impossible to make up this stuff. No one has has an imagination that is so creative to just come up with any of this.  This stuff actually happened! No one made up any of it. When it became clear that this is another issue that they can use to smear Trump, it suddenly became a mortal sin to call the virus the China Virus.  

Some time after this, there was an increase in attacks against fellow citizens of Asian descent. (when you check out the data, you will see that though these attacks did in fact increase; the extent to which they have actually increased has been greatly exaggerated). These attacks were automatically blamed on Trump. The narrative was that Trump gave white supremacists everywhere the leeway to attack Asian Americans, and people just went with with the narrative. 

While it is true that the number of attacks on Asians have increased by a large percentage, the actual number of attacks is very small. According to Yahoo News and the New York Times, in 2020, the number of hate crime attacks on Asian Americans in New York spiked tenfold, from 3 cases in 2019 to 28 cases in 2020. The total numbers around the country showed an increase from 49 to 73. 

Now in a perfect world, the ideal number of hate crime attacks against any group of people is zero, but for crying out loud; we do not live in a perfect world and these numbers do not reflect any epidemic of attacks against Asian Americans. Sorry, it does not fit the narrative, but it is the truth.

Another element of the story that the media refuses to cover is that many of the high profile hate crime attacks on Asian Americans have not been committed by the evil white male. In fact there has been a series of video footage showing really brutal attacks by black perpetrators on Asian Americans, however none of these attacks have received the same amount of attention as the attacks motivated by so called white supremacy? 

One attack in Atlanta earlier in 2021 where six Asian Americans were killed in a mass shooting by a white shooter was not a hate crime, but was covered with morbid glee as a white supremacy hate crime. The fact that it was not a white supremacy hate crime does not make it less tragic, because eight people ended up dead nevertheless. There is nothing to celebrate, but that attack was contrary to the narrative that a white supremacist did it. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, the media continued to portray the killings as an anti Asian hate crime. They are invested in portraying everybody who is not white as a victim of the evil hateful white male.

As more and more data suggests that a significant number of what may be hate crime attacks are committed by blacks, the media is is no longer covering the issue with breathtaking enthusiasm, and glee. When they do cover it, they refuse to highlight that aspect of the issue. Of course these attacks by black Americans do not suggest that most black people are out there targeting people of Asian descent. Again, perspective is important. The point is that news outlets have an agenda. There is a concerted effort to stir up conflict between the races in the effort to divide the country. 

People of Asian descent have not traditionally assumed the victim posture in America the way that many black Americas have. Asian Americans like other minorities have suffered discrimination in America, and like other minorities they have overcome a lot, but they have never engaged in the kind of grievance culture that is so prevalent in black America. Many people are bothered by that. They do not like that Americans of Asian descent have to a large extent quietly gone about their affairs in a business like manner, working hard, not complaining, and using the resources available to help them overcome their difficulties. 

In a very interesting article written by Jennifer Ho, Professor of Asian American Studies, University of Colorado Boulder, she blames the increased attacks by blacks on Asians on…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…she blames it on white supremacy. As noted before, it is impossible to make up this stuff…impossible. No one in this entire universe has such a rich imagination to come up with any of this stuff.

The left would love nothing more than to see an Asian Lives Matter group that agitates in the vein of the the Black Lives Matter hate group, in the effort to portray America as a racist cesspool, dominated by white supremacists.

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