Don’t apologize for anything Trumpers

In these dangerous times that we live, do not let the violent left intimidate you into silence.

If you were one of the none violent people who showed up to the “stop the steal” rally a few weeks ago do not apologize for anything. 

You did nothing wrong!

Americans have the right to protest their government when they have reasons to believe that they have been aggrieved.

Once again, if you were one of the tens of thousands of peaceful protesters who showed up at the “stop the steal rally” don’t you dare apologize for anything.

If you have concerns about election integrity, you have the right to draw attention to your concerns. If people keep dismissing your concerns, you have the right to speak louder. If you think that the elections were stolen you have the right to say that you think the elections were stolen. That is your right, guaranteed under the first amendment of the United States constitution, and do not let anyone tell you anything different. Do not hang your head in shame because some thugs misrepresented your concerns.

The same media that gave us Nicholas Sandman, Jessie Smollet, the Russia Hoax, Trump said there are good Nazis, Trump told people to drink bleach and inject disinfectant into their veins…that same media is the media that is telling the world that President Trump incited a crowd to violence. These people are liars of the highest order. 

As the Democrat Party continues their vindictive, vengeful campaign against Trump, even as he has left office, as they continue to use the power of the state to target political opponents and use big tech to erase people, the need to fight is more important than ever.

Keep fighting!

Continue to say no to violence as the movement has consistently done, but fight on for the cause. The thugs who committed the violent acts on the Capitol do not represent who you are. 

Remember it is the left who has the history of violence. It is the left and the Democrat Party that has consistently used violence for decades. It is the left that ramped it up a few notches over the the last four years against their political opponents. It is Trump supporters who have consistently been attacked for wearing MAGA hats, chased on the streets, harassed at public spaces and intimidated just for having the “wrong” political view. All the while, the media has looked the othe way. Do not let these people intimidate you into silence.

In the end, America may be permanently shifting leftwards. Who knows if there is any coming back from what the Democrats have in store? Maybe like with the Israelites of old, God is allowing America to self destruct because the country has forsaken his ways. We do not know what the future has in store. 

Despite all of these factors, people must never stop speaking out against evil though, and make no mistake; the left and the Democrat machine is evil to the core.

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