Observing the madness in the age of Trump

The self righteous anti-Trumper

No one takes you seriously when you claim to be so morally outraged by Trump that you cannot vote for him…then in the very next breath, the very next breath, say…that’s why I’m voting for Joe Biden.It’s hardly likely that you even take yourself seriously.Vote for Joe Biden if you wish. That is your right as an American.

Just stop with the moral superiority nonesense.

Sounds more like cognitive dissonance.

Black Lives is a wicked organization

Someone recently described Black Lives Matter, and it’s right on the money:


Anti Authority

Atheistic (not just atheistic, but vehemently anti-God and anti Christian)




Has there been a more dangerous movement in America since the Klu Klux Klan? They are even more dangerous than the KKK though.

No one champions the cause of the KKK in modern day America, in fact; there is no faster way to be ostracized from society than to associate with groups like the KKK. Once upon a time the KKK was millions strong. Today there are just a few thousand of them.

They are quite literally considered as outcasts. No KKK rally gathers more than a few hundred supporters, and the counter protesters outnumber them ten to one. They are anathema! Not so Black Lives matter.

This evil racist organization has the unabashed support of prominent members in our society. Their movement has been embraced by members of a major political party, and they have the support of Hollywood, academia, Silicon Valley, and major corporations.

They wreak havoc in the streets. They push a radical agenda and divisiveness is there modus operandi, and they are destructive to society.

Reject this awful destructive movement.There is nothing good about it.

Know your place black man

50 cent dared to say he is voting for Trump, and Chelsea Handler the white liberal comidienne said that she had to remind Fiddy that he is a black man. She wanted to let Mr. Fiddy understand that “he shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook.”

Yuh hear dat Fiddy, don’t be influencing all dem black people to vote for someone that the white liberal female does not approve. They black, they should be voting Democrat. Biden is their man.

Chelsea is not alone though. Don’t forget that recently old uncle Joey made it clear to all black Americans everywhere that if they are having trouble deciding between he and Trump, then none of those Americans are black.

Yep. The white liberal massas have drawn a line in the sand. Black Americans better not cross it and decide that they could think for themselves.

That’s not the end of the story with Ms. Handler though, to sweeten the deal she offered to pay Fiddy’s taxes, but that’s not all. To really spice up the deal even more, she made it clear that she is even willing to give 50 the grand prize of them all.

Are you ready for this? If Fiddy changed his mind and votes for Biden, then she’d willing go another round with him. Yest black America, Fiddy gets to have sex with the white liberal goddess if sees the light and casts his vote according to the white liberal lady’s demands.How could he resist that right? No greater prize has ever been offered.

Who will cry for this beautiful youn black couple

Check out this young couple; two beautiful looking people with their whold lives ahead of them. They were the parents of a young four year old boy who they had the privilege and the opportunity to bring up in this world. They will never get to see him grow up to become a man. The young boy will grow up without his parents.You see this young couple’s lives were snuffed out of them reportedly by a young black man.

He allegedly murdered them in cold blood in front of their four year old son. The young boy will have to deal with the trauma of seeing his parents killed right in front of his eyes for the rest of his life. His life will never be the same again. He will have a long, hard, emotionally taxing, mountainous climb to overcome this shocking experience.

So here’s a question. Is the killing of this young couple deserving of the same degree of indignation we see when a black individual happens to be killed by the police? Will Black Lives Matter be showing up at the home of the alleged murderer, and demanding that people “say their names.”This happens at least 7000 times each year.

The number of black men killed by other black men Black men is more than the Hispanic and White men killed combined. Last year about 250 black men were killed by the police, most of the men killed were involved in violent confrontations with the police, about 16 of them were unarmed Remember unarmed does not mean not dangerous.

Is it “deflecting” to highlight this problem, and to suggest that dealing with the issue of violence in many communities where mostly black people live is a much bigger problem to address than police brutality.

We should never ever turn a blind eye to injustice whenever and where ever it occurs. One human life unjustly killed by the police is a tragedy, but perspective is important isn’t it?

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