Death to America

Death to America! Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!

That’s the infamous chant that rings out from the squares in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the main State sponsor of terrorism around the globe.They oppress their people with a heavy hand and they are the main destabilizing force in the Middle East.

Death to America!

But just in case you are wondering, the latest sounds of the hateful anti-American slogan were not coming from voices of the imams and the people they usually lead in the chant all the way from Azadi square.

No sir, those latest chants of death to America were coming from the mouths of Black Lives Matter and their supporters on the enlightened streets of Oakland.Displaying hatred for their country and its institutions is how they hope to inspire people.

No one is surprised though. These are the same people who once chanted in the streets “what do you want…dead cops…when do you want em..,now!” Another time they waxed poetic and chanted “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.” The media, never once condemned their despicable rhetoric, in fact; members of the media made excuses for them.

With time these ungrateful, spoiled, anti American children only became more emboldened. At one time during one of their events they boldly, without fear of negative consequences told “journalists” “white reporters go to the back” to make space for reporters of color. And the white reporters dutifully obeyed.

For anyone who wants to know what this destructive poisonous movement is all about, simply go to their website and see. This Black Lives Matter none sense is a cancer that is only fomenting discord in the nation. The movement is based on lies and the most grand delusion ever perpetrated, that black men are under siege in America.

These are the people wreaking havoc in Democrat cities across the country. As they go along, they leave a trail of mayhem, violence, blood and death. Democrat politicians have refused to speak out against them.

In one of the most brazen, shameless displays ever, after encouraging the violence for over three months and refusing to call out the mob; Democrat politicians have flipped the script. They are now blaming Trump supporters for the chaos they have encouraged in their own Democrat cities.

This is Twilight Zone stuff. We must be living in some kind of alternate reality where up is down, in is out front is back and wrong is right.


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