The Black Lives Matter scam

The Black Lives Matter movement is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated anywhere in the world! It is not that black lives do not matter. Surely they do! In the eyes of God every life is precious.

There is no dispute that black lives matter. What is so offensive about the movement is not the statement in itself that black lives matter. It is the idea that black lives are so undervalued and unappreciated in America, that we have to go around sounding a trumpet repeating the phrase over and over again because…whitey, or the system or whatever the complaint of the day may be. 

Black lives matter is a false alarm that needless implicates a whole bunch of people who hold no animosity towards black people as a group. Are there racists? Sure there are racists. One would have to be a fool to say there are no racists, but there are also sociopaths in the world. There are greedy people. There are malcontents in the world. There are people who love violence.

In other words there are all kinds of evil in the world. People do bad for many different reasons. However when it comes to racism, liberals, leftists and Democrats magnify it like it is the biggest problem in America. 

The truth is that we will always have racism, just like we will have all of the other evils that exist in a fallen world, until Jesus Christ comes again to make all things new. In the mean time however, wherever racism shows it’s ugly head we should deal with it, and fight if valiantly, but the idea that racism is one of the biggest problems in America affecting the black man is a lie. It is based on a successful decades old propaganda campaigns that has been waged to keep black people in a state of grievance. It is one of the most evil propaganda campaigns that has ever been waged. 

Look at the damage it has wrought!

The more we as a country implement policies to make this a more just society, the more people complain about how terrible the country is. One day people will look back in history and shake their heads at how ungrateful 21st century Americans were. 

The black lives matter crowd walks around demanding a Utopian society before they could be thankful for what they have. They are always looking for opportunities to be offended every day, and blaming every single bad thing that happens in their life on racism and white supremacy. It is as though there is no other reason why bad things happen to black people.

The black lives matter crowd are in hog heaven when they get the opportunity to point their finger at a negative experience they can blame on racism, and they bask in the victimhood that ensues, constantly referencing various straw men as proof of their racism narrative.

 Never has their ever been a people so privileged, yet so ungrateful and happy to portray themselves as victims, as the black lives matter crowd. While they do this, they ignore the real problems, which, if they give attention to them, would go a very long way to improve the lives of black people in America. The black lives matter crowd refuses to do that though. In their sick world, being a victim is more to be desired. They are quite contended to walk around dragging those chains with the most negative outlook on life.

Could anyone imagine if all of that negative energy was used to uplift black people?

What kind of effect would it have on the black collective psyche if we were not telling black people every single day that every shadow is a racist bogeyman?

How would the lives of black people improve if they did not walk around convinced that the average police officer whose job it is to protect and serve is out to do them harm?

What if, as black people we concentrated on all the positive changes to correct past injustices that have occurred over the years? 

How would it affect the lives of black people if every morning they woke up thinking that with God on their side anything is possible for them in this country that offers them so much?  

Instead it is just a constant negative barrage of woe is me because I am black. 

I am a second class citizen because I am black. 

I am disadvantaged and starting 10 paces behind everyone because I am black. 

The white man is privileged and I am not because I am black, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and….

As a people are we not tired of living this way.?

Why would anyone want to continue living their lives in this manner?

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