The tragic death of Ahmaud Arbery and the question of race

Why is it that the murder of a black man only seems to matter to so many black Americans, and white liberals if the victim was killed by the police or a white person under dubious circumstances? What is the reason for this? The carnage of black men at the hands of other black men never seems to generate an equal outcry like we see when a black man is killed at the hands of a cop (especially a white cop) or white citizen? We are seeing the same nonesense this time with the recent killing of a young man in Georgia by the name of Ahmaud Arbery. 

Now, make no mistake, people have the right to demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery if he was indeed gunned down like an animal with for no just cause. Even if all the unsavory reports coming out about him are true, and he does indeed have a shady history he should not have lost his life in the manner that he did, and that is a topic worthy of discussion. 

What do you say to his family? There are no comforting words to offer his mother or father who will have to carry the grief of losing their son for the rest of their lives. It is a heartbreaking inconsolable loss, but for crying out loud, is it at all possible to seek justice without adding fuel to the fire by turning the whole incident in to an issue about race?

Let’s find out what happened, let’s get to the bottom of it. Let’s hold people accountable, including officials, for any wrong doing they may have committed, but goodness, stop trampling all over this man’s grave to further the victim narrative. This is not about black people being persecuted. This is about the three men involved.

If in the end it does come out that this about race (yes racism does still exist), then let’s confront it, deal with it honestly and make sure that the perpetrators pay the full penalty. Let’s make sure that they do not get to spread their hate any more in society, then keep on moving. 

Again, just to reiterate, no one is saying that there is no racism. It is impossible to get rid of racism in an imperfect world, but there is absolutely no need to use this unfortunate incident as a reason for large numbers of black people to turn attention on themselves, and wallow around in the mud of victimhood. The chances of any black man being killed by some random white dude who hates black men jogging in a white neighborhood is really small. 

It is difficult to understand why pushing the victim narrative is so important to so many black Americans who seem to relish the death of black man, just to keep pushing the ridiculous idea that black people are under siege in America? Stop using the unfortunate circumstaces of these men’s deaths to push this divisive foolishness.

People should demand that authorities seek the truth and pursue justice, but  could we stop pretending tht everything is about race though. It is possible for people to be jerks without them being racist jerks. 

How about this, if we must have the discussion about the killing of black men, or murder in general, can we at least have an honest discussion? Does it always have to be so one sided? Can we at least once talk about the fact that black men have to worry more about being killed by other black men more than by anyone else? 

When it comes to violent crime, each group suffers at the hands of those in their own group. Whites are mostly the victims of other whites. Asians are victims of other Asians. Hispanics are the victims of other Hispanics etc., but  black Americans  kill and violently attack more of their own than any other group, in America and the gap is very wide. That is just reality. It is a harsh reality, but reality nevertheless. 

Addressing these truths do not mean that black Americans are prone to violence because of their race. It does not mean that blacks are defected or that there is anything intrinsically wrong with the race. Black people are not different than any other group. People are people, but acknowledging these real problems will help to put black American in a winning position when confronting them. The first step to resolving a problem is acknowledging that a problem exists. 

Black Americans who continue to use these genuinely awful events as a reason to indulge in group self pity need to stop.  Stop getting excited about these “opportunities” to keep crying poor us. Stop turning everything that happens to individual black citizens into  an issue about the persecution of the group as a whole.

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