The beauty of love


I told her! I finally told her…

I’ve wanted to tell her for a long time now, but I was afraid

I was scared she’d reject my profession of love

I’ve never been afraid to tell a woman how I feel

But I’ve never felt this way before

What I feel is not carnal, it is not driven by lust

I have no interest in a fling

What I feel is real it runs deep and I have to let it out

I LOVE HER!!!!! 

I love her and I want the whold world to know

Every time I see her my heart skips two beats

When she comes near me I turn into a nervous wreck 

When she looks at me I become enchanted

When she speaks I hear music

When she laughs I see sunshine

When she cries I see deep into her soul

And when I think of her nothing else matters

She overwhelms me with the force of her personality

I never thought someone could affect my heart this way

I had to tell her what I felt and so I did 

You know what happened? She told me that she loves me too

And then suddenly, it all made sense

I was born to love her!

She wins!

She makes my heart scream

Life with her is like a perpetual dream

She turns the mundane into excitement

My heart’s unruly from from love’s incitement

She makes my heart take flight on eagle’s wings

Gliding freely in the heavens as it sings

Yet my heart is a captive of her gorgeous smile

She amazes me with her mind, her unmistakeable style

One glimpse of her face fills me with delight

Thoughts of her sends my spirit into flight

She keeps me sailing on that famous cloud

When she’s away I can be lonely in the largest crowd

I merely existed before her but now I live

She’s the object of my devotion, for her my life I’d give

She unravels the mystery of this thing called love

My heart fits her perfectly like a hand in glove

I can no longer fight this feeling within

I give up! She wins.

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