Democrat’s and their “winning” policies

An inconvenient truth about anti-semitism

So another anti-semitic attack was carried out in New York City a couple of days ago against a rabbi in his home. Five people were stabbed/slashed in the attack. It goes without saying that these violent attacks are awful, and as a society we have to continue putting systems in place to minimize incidents like these happening.

The truth is that evil does exist in the world and it is something that we always have to deal with until God makes a divine intervention and initiates his new world order.

It is sad though that these incidents always get political in the attempt to advance agendas.

As the media and the Democrat Party machine does the usual and tries to pin this on Trump and white supremacy, there remains an elephant in the room that no one is confronting, in fact; everyone is blissfully ignoring the ginormous elephant sitting on the three legged kitchen stool.

A large number of these anti-semitic attacks that we are seeing primarily in New York are committed by young black men. The attacks in NJ a couple of weeks ago on the Jewish supermarket where to people were killed was carried out by a black man and a black woman. Last year November a young black Democrat activist was arrested in a high profile case of antisemitism for defacing a synagogue. In one instance back in 2017 a black former journalist was responsible for a rash of over 100 phone and email threats to Jewish community centres, schools, and child care facilities in three dozen states.

Don’t forget “the knock out game,” and the way that the media went out of it’s way to tell everyone that it was a figment of people’s imagination that some young black men were the main actors in this devious “game.”

These attacks by young black men on Jews are so common, that without much effort; you could go on to YouTube and find numerous videos of young black men randomly attacking Jews, but it is inconvenient to point his out. It does not fit the narrative that white supremacy is the main problem.

Now, dont get it twisted, this does not mean that black men en masse are attacking Jews. As usual, a small group of thugs who happen to be black are responsible for this behavior, but the media refuses to acknowledge that because it does not fit the narrative. They however jump for joy, begin singing hallelujahs and passing out candy in the streets whenever they can point to a white holligan who fits the image they wish to portray. When the image is contrary to what they wish to spread, they go silent, or they simply say facts be damned and they blame Trump anyway.

The fake news media is the enemy of the people indeed.


Here is an agenda Item Americans can get behind:

Pete Buttigieg, in making his appeal to American voters wants Americans to know that they can vote for him because if he is elected President he will pay reparations to illegal aliens.

He will ensure that the people who broke the law entering the country illegally, and had the misfortune of being separated from their children as a direct result of their illegal actions get the reparations they deserve.

Fear not if you are an illegal alien who showed up at the border with a child in tow. Keith Buttigieg’s got you covered. You are about to be paid!

For suffering the indignity of being separated from the children they show up with, and being held in adult holding facilities, while the children are in children’s holding facilities as immigration and customs enforcement agency run their checks, and do their due diligence, Pete Buttieg is going to compensate them for their inconvenience.

In the meanwhile Americans who are sitting in jails all across the country are wondering when they will get their reparations. After all they too have been separated from their children for breaking the law. These Americans probably have more reasons to demand reparations. Some of them are in jail for extensive periods, some have life sentences. Many of them will never see their children again, but Buttigieg has been silent on whether or not they will also be paid reparations.

Let’s get out there and support this bold, exciting proposal people.

Vote for Pete Buttigieg America!


Crazy Bernie and the education mafia

If you are one of the thousants of black or brown parents with your name on the coveted waiting list to get your child into the Success Academy charter school system based in New York or in the American Indian Model charter schools system based out of Oakland California, beware. Bernie Sanders wants you to know that he is not going to take a cent out of failing public schools to invest it the charter school system.

Who cares that so many public schools across the nation fail to meet basic standards in Math, English and Science? It does not matter that the students who suffer most in the public school system are black, brown and other minorities, most of them in Democrat controlled inner cities. That dont matter to Bernie Sanders and the other Democrat candidates who are virulently opposed to charter schools.

What matters to them more than anything is that unions do not have any say in how many of these charter schools are run. Teachers can be fired for non performance, they are paid incentives for good performance, children are challenged, and disciplined is enforced. Charter schools do not have to deal with the bureucracy to the extent that regular public shcools do. In addition to all of that, the success of charter schools shines a light on regular public schools and exposes how terrible much of the public school system is.

Bernie Sanders and his fellow Democrat Presidential candidates can’t have that.

Vote Democrat, they care!

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