Don’t make the black kids angry

Colin Flaherty is a white reporter/best selling author who highlights what he calls disproportionate black on white violence in America. He also sheds light on other claims that he makes, namely that blacks commit and get away with a disproportionate amount of crime against Asians, Latinos, Jews, Gays, and other groups, but because of political correctness people are afraid to broach the subject black violence.

Flaherty has a mantra that he often repeats. “Don’t make the black kids angry” is the watchword he repeats at the end of his videos that highlight his claims of black on white violence.

The saying is a spin on the words of Congressman Immanuel Cleaver who who once said ““All we are going to do is make a lot of black kids angry and they are going to take out their anger somewhere else.” Cleaver was responding to a question about local police response to black teen mob violence in Kansas Citiy a few years ago.

Since that infamous sentence by Cleaver, Flaherty has written a book called Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry about black on white violence all across the country. He has also written a book called White Girl Bleed a Lot.

Flaherty has been called racist for highlighting the problem of black on white violence, and has been banned from many social media platforms. His detractors say that he is unfairly making broad claims about blacks and playing in to stereo types, by portraying black men as violent criminals who white people need to fear.

In his defense, he says that he is simply highlighting a real problem that exists, and hardly anyone is honestly addressing.

Flaherty has made thousands of videos that feature brutal, graphic black on white violence and covers other stories that feature the same.

So is it racist of Mr. Flaherty to place such emphasis on the race of the perpetrators and the victims of the heinous crimes that he features? Some say yes it is because people of all races do commit and experience crime. Flaherty says not so fast, it is true that everyone experiences crime but not in the disproportionate numbers that white people experience crime at the hands of black victims.

He believes that by ignoring what he considers to be the obvious problem of black on white violence, the problem will only continue to grow worse.

Flaherty believes that the violence is to a large extent driven by a hatred of white people, and the narrative that blacks hear every day “blacks are relentless victims of white people, all the time and that explains everything.”

Another aspect of his videos highlights the light sentences that many perpetrators of the black on white, black on other violence often get from sympathetic judges and juries that see blacks as victims, and not the perpetrators of atrocious crimes.

Flaherty’s side of the story is one that is often ignored, but worth including in the sensitive topic of race.…

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