The Democrat Party’s exciting agenda

To all Americans everywhere. Our message to you is we will not allow any border walls to be built in any attempt to stop people from flooding our borders. We will put a moratorium on deportations all across the country, and our policy of sanctuary cities will continue. You can bet on it! 

Every undocumented worker who is in our country will receive free health care, free education and other welfare benefits at the a cost to the American taxpayer, and a path to citizenship after breaking our laws.

We believe that as long as an adult has a child in tow while illegally crossing the border, the adult should not be apprehended, in order to avoid separation of the adult and the child. 

They should be allowed to enter the country in the hopes that they will show up for their court appointment whenever their case gets called.

We believe that illegally crossing our borders should not be a felony offense.

In addition to the above, if you elect us; you can be certain that you will never ever have to spend any of your own money on health care. The government will completely cover the cost of all health care for everyone because no one should not be monetarily invested in any way for their own healt care needs,  and while we are at it, we will take steps to eliminate all private health insurance in America. 

Make no mistake people will have to pay more in taxes to cover the cost of of our Santa Claus agenda.

As staunch supporters of Roe v Wade, we guarantee that no one woman who ever needs to have an abortion will pay for it out of her own pocket. The government’s got that covered also. Tax payers will cover that too.

You know our stance on gun control! It is well documented and we do not apologize. Law abiding citizens will continue to have more of their second amendments rights revoked, and we will hold out the hope that criminals will by abide by the gun laws that we do pass. 

When it comes to taxes, we will tax businesses up to 70 percent. That money will be better put to use if it is the hands of Government bureaucrats.  

Put us in control and students will no longer have to worry about bearing any cost for their education. As an example of how much we care, we will ensure that all student debt is cancelled. We will provide free college education, free books, and free student housing. No one need for them to have a stake in their own welfare and future.

We will take the profits that businesses have earned through the strength of their own ideas, effort, dedication, and hard work, and use it towards paying off student debt. 

We will do this because we believe that businesses have too much money. We believe that it is the government’s right to take this money away. We will force them to give up more of it for charitable cases that we deem to be worthy.

Put us in control and we will impose a climate change tax on citizens because we are certain that after billions of years, we are all doomed. The world is about to end because in the last hundred and fifty years out of billions because the temperature has risen by .06 percent. 

We will put an end to plastic straws, even though America is only responsible for a very small percentage of plastic waste in the world. We will get rid of SUVs and farm cows, and the earth will be saved from destruction.

Vote for us and we will pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges by increasing from 9 to 15 the number of judges that sit on the court.

We are seriously considering lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 years and we will make getting rid of the electoral college a priority.

These are just a few of the policies we present to you the American people. 

Vote for us!

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