The madness of the left and the Democrat Party continues

One of the craziest things to hear is people continually repeat the lie that Donald Trump called Nazis fine people. It literally never happened. Now, if a person is a drone without an independent cell in his or her cerebrum, it is easy for that person to believe that the President really said there are fine Nazis. After all people repeat it on CNN, MSNBC and other fake news outlets all the time without ever being challenged on it. Every time that lie is repeated on TV, a very stimulating question comes to mind. How is it possible that people do not know that this is a lie? Why is it that in the internet age of Google, Yahoo!, Youtube, facebook etc., that people sheepishly accept this grand falsehood? Anyone can simply look it up to see if he really said this, but that does not matter. What matters more than anything is keeping the narrative that Trump is a racist alive.  The media has spent the last few years trying to take down this President with a constant barrage of attacks in their desire to destroy the Trump Presidency. Pushing the lie, and allowing it to live in the minds of Trump haters is all part of the strategy to take him down. Truth has taken second place to taking down Trump. Obliterating Trump remains the primary focus of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the rest of the leftist media. If it was not for Fox News and the handful of other media outlets dedicated to combating the falsehoods of the leftist media, the country would be in complete darkness. No, Trump did not say there are good Nazis. Here is the transcript of the entire interview, read it for yourself: 

Obama’s former Department of Homeland Security Chief calls the situation at the border a crisis. Border Patrol estimates that for the month of March over 100,000 illegal immigrants would be apprehended. Many of them will be released into the population, never to be heard from again. We are on track to have over 1.5 million illegals enter the country by the end of 2019. Democrat politicians say that Americans have no reason to be concerned about this. Anyone who does voice concern is a racist. There will be no identity theft, no strain on social services, no corrupting of the franchise, no increase in criminality, or any negative effects from this. These people who are escaping all of the background checks, health screenings and scrutiny that legal immigrants have to endure will be a net positive for the country we are told. You are a fear monger if you disagree.

The city of Houston recently banned  Chick-fil-A from opening a location in Terminal A of their airport. Why, you may ask would they use the power of the state against a legitimate American business that has an incredible repution for doing good and supporting communities? Well friends, Chic-fil-A holds the archaic view that marriage is between a man and a woman, and they have supported organizations that holds this view. They has made donations in the past to the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Paul Anderson Youth Home. Giving to these organizations has rendered this fine American organization as business non grata. If Chick-fil-A wants to feel welcomed and be allowed to open their business at the San Antonio Airport, they must first believe that men marrying men, and women marrying women is a good thing, and they must also believe that a man could be a woman and a woman could be a man. It goes with out saying that the city of San Antonio is run by the Democrat Party. Since San Antonio has initiated the ban, the Buffalo has done the same thing. Left unchecked, Democrat policies ultimately lead to the loss of freedom and individual rights. It is unavoidable. 

White members of the press were forbidden from attending a communtiy event that featured black candidates running for the mayor’s office in Savannah Georgia. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, an event where people running for public office were in attendance, barred any member of the press who had a tradionally straight nose, smooth silky hair, or less melatonin in their skin. When asked, one Alderman who attended the event said about the event, simply said “I was asked to come and give a statement, so I came and I gave a statement. What I said in there, I’ll say out here.” He gets a pass because he is black and he is a Democrat.

Donald Trump was exonerated in the Robert Mueller investigation. Of course there was never any reason for the investigation in the first place, but it happened anyway. Now, despite the finding; members of the house and in the Senate are continuing to spread the hoax without any regard for the truth. Just as they did with Trump, they are now throwing unfounded accusations at the attorney general, a man with an impeccable record of public service. They are demanding that the AG release the entire report knowing full well that there are special guidelines that the AG has to follow when it comes to releasing the documents. The Democrats want the report now! The AG must be covering for Trump. Mr. Barr must be corrupt, and on, and on they go. If the Attorney General misrepresents what the Mueller reports says, Robert Mueller himself can set the record straight, but that does not matter to the Dems. They have to go on a scorched earth offensive, hurling insults, making accusations, assasinting the character of people and using other cheap tricks because they are incapable of winning on the strength of their ideas.

The Jussie Smollet saga has evolved into an even bigger drama that has has gained new legs. It was fascinating to watch the arrogance of this man after the charges against him were dropped. He has not displayed one ounce of contrition, not a sliver of humility for his shameful act. Instead of owning up to what he did and demonstrating a little gratitude, he continues to play us for fools and insists that he was the victim of a hate crime. In the meanwhile, we are finding out that  Kim Foxx who had supposedly “recused” herself from the case did not actually do it. She had supposedly done so after former chief of staff of former first lady Michelle Obama, pressured her to transfer the investigation to the FBI. She put out a statement saying that she used the word recused was “a colloqual use of the term, and not used in the legal sense.” Corruption anyone? The FBI is now looking into the circumstances under which Miss Foxx dismissed the charges in the Smollet case. There is so much that is amiss with this story, it would be interesting to see how it all unfolds in the next few weeks. 

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