The Stunning Ungratefulness of Americans

Has there ever been a people in the history of the world more ungrateful than Americans, particularly those in the Democratic Party and the left. How, when, and where did it become so cool to denigrate ones own country?

It is absolutely amazing to watch so many citizens of this country take such pleasure in bashing the place that makes it possible for them to prosper and live lives of freedom, like no country ever has before. Despite the many opportunities that continue to be available to all who are willing to put forth the effort, and take advantage of the opportunities, the Democratic Party continues every single day to spew hatred toward the land that has given it’s citizens and the world so much. The mantra is basically that America stinks. One never hears any praise or thankfulness to God for the many blessings they enjoy  as Americans. These people wake up everyday and compete to outdo each other in expressing their contempt for the country. They pride themselves in not being proud to be Americans. This absolutely boggles the mind. They harp on everything that is wrong with the country and ignore the good. They thrive on unhappiness and get a kick out of being anti American. But wait, they are not content to bask in their anti-American sentiment and hatred for their country, they now want to normalize it, and they get angry at people who call them out on their behavior. Where is this stuff coming from? It is just plain unbelievable, and leaves many people in a state of astonishment. 

In order to appeal to a large segment of their base, politicians in the Demoratic Party now use anti Americanism as a legitimate tactic in their overall strategy to win people over. What can one say about that, except, WOW! Just incredible! Imagine that saying the pledge of allegiance in schools is now considered to be controversial in many school districts across America. Recently, no less a person than Hillary Clinton heaped praise on an eleven year old girl for kneeling during the pledge of allegiance. In a display of sheer self aggrandizement, puffed up arrogance, and unmitigated disdain for their country, rich millionaire athletes refuse to respect what has always been a revered tradition, and a moment of solidarity to pay homage to the country. They refuse to stand for the playing of the National anthem. As these players stick their collective middle finger in the face of so many of their fans, while bringing their divisive, controversial politics to the workplace, politicians in the Democratic Party pander to these ingrates, telling them that they can think of nothing more American than their show of disrespect. Last year a former Army Captain playing in the NFL came out on the field during the National Anthem and paid his respects while his team mates stayed in the locker room. After receiving praise for refusing to swim down stream with the rest of the dead fish, the next day; this former Army ranger apologized to his teammates for “throwing his team mates under the bus.” 

This is all happening on the left, and in one political party. The Democratic Party! It is politics based on grievance. It is almost as though we have entered some kind of alternate universe, or a twilight zone type of existence. Another thing that is most amazing to see is that many immigrants have also chosen to adopt this anti American attitude after leaving the land of their birth, and settling here to make a better life for themselves and their families. In a colossal twist of irony, many now seek to remake the country into that which they fled when they left their homeland, by espousing policies that drove their own countries into the dust. 

Recently two Democratic Party politicians aspiring to be the next Governor of New York put on a show for the ages. For the entire debate they threw out the most outlandish statements in what descended into a game of “top this insult.” Governor Cuomo described agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency as thugs. One week earlier he said, “We are not gonna make America great again. It was never that great.  We have not reached greatness, will not reach greatness until every American is fully engaged, we will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotypes against women, fifty-one percent of our population is gone.” He later apologized and said that America is great, but he was inarticulate in the way he expressed his remarks. During the debate with his Democrat opponent Cynthia Nixon, she chided him, and took him to task for making the statement and apologizing later because, as far as she is concerned; America was never great. This is just a small sample of the crazy left and your modern Democratic Party ladies and gentlemen. Their view of America is “America is imperfect, therefore America is an awful, oppressive, evil society. No need for gratitude!

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