Stormy Daniels Day, MS 13 and other Musings…

Stormy Daniels Day

The city of West Hollywood dedicated 23 May 2018 to a woman by the name of Stephanie Clifford. Officials of the city dedicated the day to her because in “these politically tumultuous times,” she has “proven herself to be a profile in courage, by speaking truth to power even under threats to her safety and extreme intimidation.” So in recognition of her bravery the City of West Hollywood called the day Stormy Daniels day. Stormy Daniels is the name she goes by in her chosen career as a “porn star.” So to be clear, this pseudo prostitute whose claim to fame is having sex with multiple partners in front of a camera, and who has done nothing note worthy is being honored because she reportedly had sex with the President of the United States before he ran for office, and while he was already married to his current wife. She claims that she was paid one hundred and thirty-thousand dollars to keep quiet about the tryst. She signed a none disclosure agreement to not talk about the affair, but after Donald Trump was elected President she broke the none disclosure agreement, though she previously vigorously and repeatedly denied that she had any sexual encounter with the President. She is now challenging the none disclosure agreement, telling anyone who would listen that she did indeed have sex with the President and is now suing him for defamation. For this act of courage, she has been deemed a hero and awarded a key to the Democratic City of West Hollywood. No one in the Democratic Party run city was found more worthy that Ms. Stormy Daniels to receive this prestigious award at this time. Ok then…!!!

MS 13, President Trump, and the Democratic Party

The motto of MS-13 is “rape, control, kill.” That is literally their slogan. These criminals who have gained a foothold in the United States and have been terrorizing neighborhoods where they have established their presence were called animals by President Trump. This upset the left so much that people like Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the media and other left wing stalwarts ran to the defense of the this brutal group that once stabbed one of their murder victims over a hundred times, beheaded him and ripped out his heart. Joy Reed the MSNBC pundit once told us that only people who watch Fox News know anything about this violent group of thugs. That statement tells you what you need to know about the media in this country. Mayor De Blasio let us know that calling MS 13 animals was an attack on Latinos. What does one say to that…honestly?!? This is your Democratic Party.

The Left’s Penchant for Vitriol and Violence

Tomi Lahren, the conservative firebrand, recently had someone throw water at her while she  was leaving a restaurant after having brunch with her mother. Ms Lahren regularly speaks out harshly against leftist ideology, and because of this she is quite frequently a target of the left’s vitriol. This is not anything strange for the left. Violence and vitriol are a staple in their basket of tricks, and they show no signs of changing their tactics. Why would they change their tactics? They have convinced themselves that those who do not hold to their ideology are not just people with opposing views, but that they are bad people, on par with the KKK, Hitler’s brownshirts and other nefarious groups. This then gives them an excuse to visit violence on those who disagree with their leftist ideology. What was encouraging in this instance with Tomi Lahren though, is that some prominent people (not nearly enough) on the left came out and condemned the behavior of the woman who threw water on her. So while internet trolls were celebrating the woman who threw the water at her, many of the voices that really matter spoke out strongly against it. That is to be commended. Observe one more time however that the media did not whip up the same hysteria over this incident that is such an intrinsic part of the left’s standing operating procedure, as they do for any similar incident that may happen on the right.  Whether it is sales people harassing a black customer for wearing a make America great again hat while patronizing a popular place of business, whether it is a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter shooting up a baseball game in an attempt to kill Republican Senators, or Antifa wreaking havoc on the streets or college campuses; the left often gets away with their untoward behavior. These people are dangerous and Americans need to reject their extremism. 

The Left and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

In another demonstration of the Democratic Party and the left’s moral bankruptcy, all over the world they have been condemning Israel for violence on the Israeli border. The Democratic Party and the left in general have been accusing Israeli Soldiers of wantonly killing innocent protestors. It is not possible that these people do not know that Hamas has been instigating the border unrest, by sending around 40000 people to breach the Israeli borders. Hamas has been using Molotov cocktails and other explosives, incendiary kites, burning tires, throwing rocks, and using civilians as shields at a dozen points along the Israeli border in their attempt to wreak havoc, and have their members infiltrate Israel. Never has there been a case where the villains are more clear and obvious than in the Israeli, Palestinian conflict. That does not stop the left though from constantly attacking Israel as the wrong doers in the conflict.  The reason for the chaos at the Israeli border is because of the terrorist group Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Islamic Jihad whose stated goal is to destroy the state of Israel. The media however and the Democratic Party are all too happy to blame everything that has happened on the Israeli border on the Israelis, whose only crime is that that once again they have been forced to defend their borders while showing tremendous restraint with the use of force. Of the 63 Palestinians who have been killed, 54 of them belong to Hamas (by Hamas own admission). None of that seems to matter though. As long as the Democratic Party and the left could blame the unrest on the Israelis, and by extension Donald Trump, because of his decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem; that is all that matters. Once again, this is the modern Democratic Party. They will get back into power again eventually one day. When they do, we will deserve the Government that we get.


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