White Guilt, Black Victims

White guilt and black victims! What a combination. A bunch of white liberals who so feel the need to assuage the weight of guilt on their shoulders for sins committed by white people before them, that they encourage all kinds of bad behavior by black people, and make excuses for them. They hold black people to such a low standard in the name of being “woke,” and they pat themselves on the shoulder, completely oblivious to the damage that they are doing in the black community because of their actions. Many in the black community look at these white leftists and feel validated in their victim status. They can point to the “caring” white person, and say that even white people agree with them, and understand their plight. The white leftist  then gets to go home feeling righteous, patting him/herself on the shoulder as many of the people who they claim to be fighting form continue to wallow in their predicament, believing there is no way out because they are victims of “the man.”

Check out this ludicrous, stupid, asinine tweet by one of the white leftist enablers who thinks that she is “woke.” Her name is Emily Lakdawalla. She is a “planetary evangelist” (whatever that is) for The Planetary Society. This is what she said, referring to the movie Black Panther “so I carefully did not buy tickets for opening weekend because I did not want to be the white person sucking Black joy out of the theater. What’s the appropriate date for me to by tickets? Is next weekend ok? Now folks, are these people serious with this nonsense? There are at least ten troubling questions all intertwined in this drivel that she tweeted, but there is no need to go through them all because they are all questions screaming for answers. If this does not blow your mind…

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