The Tale of a Modern Day Pocahontas

Last week President Donald Trump called Senator Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas again, and it was downright hilarious! It was totally uncalled for, but it was nevertheless funny. After a brief millisecond of disbelief, and wondering; did he really just say that? The only thing left to do was shake the head. The President is a supreme troll, and he knows exactly how to get into the heads of his opponents. Pocahontas is the name that the President gave to Senator Warren ever since it was revealed that she lied about here heritage to use as a selling point in advancing her career at Harvard University. As sure as the night follows the day, the media became apoplectic. How dare he use such a solemn occasion, honoring Native Americans to hurl a racial slur at the Senator. The media that has never seen it fit to harangue the good Senator about her false claims, lying about her supposed Native American Heritage to advance her career are more upset at the President’s mocking of her. They fail to tell the American people exactly how or why referring to the Senator as Pocahontas is racist. Pocahontas is a legendary figure in Native American lore. Why the term is considered a “racial slur” by the media no one knows. Soon they were singing their favorite refrain. It’s a snappy little ditty called “white supremacist.”


Has there ever been a more misused or abused term than the term white supremacist? Everyone knows what it is meant to do. It is not meant to identify the proponents of this ugly movement, but to shame decent people into silence. The left knows that no one wants to be identified with white supremacists. They know that one sure way to get a Republican cowering under the couch is to scream the “R” word. Most of all, using the word is one sure way to avoid trading in the market place of ideas, and it is a sure way to generate an emotional response. The media and their cohorts are invested in painting Trump as a racist, but President Trump is a different animal however. In simple parlance, Trump don’t care. It is what people love, and it is what people hate about him. It is a strength and it is a weakness. Calling him racist is not going to move him to hold back on who he is.

If what we are witnessing today under President Trump is white supremacy, then the country has indeed come a very long way. From slavery, to the Klu Klux Klan, to Jim Crow, to lynchings, to segregation, to…Trump? Lots of people will take that any day. They will take that type of white supremacy and run with it in a heartbeat.

The Truth ladies and gentlemen is that everyone knows that the President calling Senator Warren Pocahontas is not racist. Calling her Pocahontas is meant as mockery. It is meant as pure ridicule and to call out a fraudster. This woman who for years shamelessly paraded herself as a descendant of the Cherokee Nation has been excused for no other reason than that she is a Democrat, and when she gets called out for it, the person who calls her out is then called a racist. What a charmed life it must be to be a Democrat politician.  So do not be fooled by the false indignation of Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and the rest of the Democrat operatives pretending to be journalists. They know why the President calls Senator Warren Pocahontas. How could they not know? What is in play here is, in pointing out the Senator’s fraudulence; President Trump is also putting the spotlight on the media because they have never taken Senator Warren to task for her “cultural appropriation.” “Cultural appropriation” is a favorite grievance of the left, and if there was ever a case of cultural appropriation, this would be exhibit A. But again, Democrats always get a free pass in the traditional media, however with the new media landscape they cannot totally get away with their chicanery.

The truth is that people do not have to like the President, they do not have to agree with his policies, or support him on the issues. They could even call him out on using the term Pocahontas, but the fact that the good Senator could make the rounds on CNN, MSNBC, and the other networks, portraying herself as a victim of racial attacks, and depicting herself as “brave,” with no pushback from any of the so called journalists speaks volumes. If there was still any doubt that the media is not even interested in their credibility, this is another classic example that they are not. Protecting the Democrat Party, Destroying Trump, and advancing the cause of leftism is their main concern.

In the end, lots of the people who support President Trump will agree that he should not have used the occasion to score political points. Was it inappropriate? Sure, without a doubt. Was it racist? Not even a little bit.

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