Confronting the Left and the Democrat Party’s History of Hate

First and foremost, it is important to state up front that no one here has any delusions that the Republican Party is saintly, or that conservatives do not have their undesirables in their  movement. Far from it, human beings are badly flawed, and the sinful nature reigns in us all. It takes a concentrated effort, and a willingness to fight the demons that plague us all and the grace of Almighty God in order to combat and overcome our human frailties. The Republican Party and those on the right are no different. Having made that point; it is interesting to note that so much of the recalcitrant behavior that is so firmly rooted on the left, is often excused, while those on the right are held to a completely different standard. The Democratic Party and Democrats in general, from the inception of their party has been responsible for every atrocity, and inhumane law or policy ever committed or passed in this country. From slavery to the trail of tears, lynchings, Jim Crowe, Segregation, forced sterilizations, pushing eugenics as a philosophy, Internment of the Japanese and other ethnic groups, the Ocoee massacre, the Rosewood massacre, and the dreaded prison gangs of the South which some have described as worse than slavery, these are all the legacy of Democrats.

This is the party that opposed reconstruction, the Freedmen’s Bureau Act, gave rise to the Klu Klux Klan, and opposed the thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and nineteenth amendment. Every major opposition to civil rights legislation from the eighteen sixties to the height of the civil rights movement was done by the Democrat Party. After the Klu Klux Klan was seriously decimated and became an insignificant movement because of Republican efforts to combat them, they were revived in the 1920s when a Democratic President showed the film “Birth of a Nation” at the white house, and the Klan then once again became the terroristic arm or the Democratic Party, unleashing a reign of terror on blacks all across America.

They opposed the Civil Rights Act of the eighteen sixties, The Civil Rights Act of nineteen fifty seven, The Civil Rights Act of nineteen sixty, and by the time their party finally came around to supporting the civil rights act of 1964, members in their party tried to filibuster the bill. They even opposed the nomination of the first black man nominated to the Supreme Court. Republicans in Congress continued to lead the way with all of the subsequent civil rights legislation of that era. The left points fingers at Barry Goldwater for opposing the nineteen sixty four legislation. The truth is that Barry Goldwater was a civil rights leader before it became popular. He was in favor of civil rights advancement and did a lot to advance the cause of civil rights. He integrated the Arizona National Guard when he was governor of Arizona before Harry Truman dreamt of doing it with the rest of the Military, and though Truman signed the executive order integrating the Military, it only began to be rigorously enforced during the Eisenhower Administration.  The only reason that Barry Goldwater opposed the civil rights act of 1964 was because of provisions in the bill that he felt gave too much power to the Federal Government and took too much from the States. He wanted changes to the bill to avoid that. Today with the Federal Government reigning supreme, and the states losing more and more of their autonomy, his concerns now seem like they were prescient.

The Democrat Party once boasted hundreds of thousands of Klansmen. Today the Klan is a toothless tiger with less than ten thousand members across the country with little to no influence, but the media continues a relentless effort to cast an image of them being an influential movement, all in the effort to try and link the present day Klan with the Republican party, and the conservative movement, when no such link ever existed. If one belongs to the Klan, that person is not allowed to join, and cannot be a member of the Republican Party. Every segregationist law ever passed in this country was passed by Democrat legislatures, and signed by Democrat Governors. To reiterate, there is not a single piece of segregationist legislation that was ever passed by a Republican legislature or signed by a Republican Governor. In addition, the next time anyone looks at video of innocent, peaceful black marchers being set upon by dogs, remember that the man by the name of Bull Connor responsible for that act was a Democrat.

The Democrats have never apologized for their sordid past, but to redeem themselves, they claim that contrary to everything we know about human nature, “the big switch” took place after the civil rights movement, and all the Democrat segregationists switched parties. Democrats became the party of civil rights and the Republicans became the party against civil rights. In other words, the party that was responsible for so much atrocities, and wreaked so much terror on Americans for over one hundred years, just suddenly had an epiphany, changed their ways, and the party that was formed to lead the fight for and championed the cause of civil rights for over one hundred years just switched places. The bad guys became the good guys, and the good guys became the bad guys. It is a lie! It never happened. How such a story could ever have taken root is difficult to understand.

Today all the Democrats have to do is claim that anyone who does not embrace their socialist agenda or their controversial policies is a racist, misogynist, sexist, xenophobe, islamophobe or a homophobe, and all of their past is forgiven by Hollywood, Academia and the media.   That remains enough for them to continue getting a pass. It is absolutely fascinating to observe. But that is not all, the left and the Democratic Party also has an absolutely horrible history of political violence, and while the media, and other defenders of the left become ecstatic, and jump for joy at every opportunity to point out violent behavior and incidents on the right, they ignore the violence that is an intrinsic part of leftist ideology. The left justifies violence in the name of “the struggle.” They rejoice and dance on the graves of victims when they get to point a finger at a Dylan Roof as an example of violence on the right, even though Dylan Roof belonged to no recognized conservative group, an acted on his own accord. By the same token, the left remained silent when a man linked to the Black Lives Matter Movement committed a massacre against the police, killing five Police Officers in cold blood all in the name of “justice” for black men. When a Hilary Clinton supporter committed the atrocious act at the Orlando night club shooting, killing over fifty people and injuring over two hundred, the media refused to highlight the Hillary Clinton link. Let’s be frank, Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with him committing the unspeakable act that he did, but the question must be asked. Why the double standard in the response to what he did? Why the attempt to link Roof’s act to conservative ideology, but none to link the Orlando shooter’s act to leftist ideology. Why the double standard when a man shouting Allahu Akbar, targeting white men on the streets of Los Angeles killed three people in his attack? Why is it that one of the biggest structural fires in the history of Los Angeles, destroying several buildings, causing excessive pollution and costing the City tens of millions of dollars set by a black man in response to “police brutality against black men” not as news worthy? Though a couple of people on the left have recently come out against ANTIFA, why does the left continue to laud this violent group that uses blatant fascistic tactics as part of “the resistance?”

Just to mention one more time, no one is saying that the right is guiltless or that they have not committed violence, but violence as a tactic is a pillar of the left, vitriol is its close ally, and people have to start calling out this movement for its bullying. This can be seen across the decades in even more examples, and most recently in the response to Donald Trump’s election. Folks it is the left that supports and rallies for people like the murderers Mumia Abu Jamal, and Asata Shakur, two cop killers. It is the left who lauds the freed terrorist Óscar López Rivera whose organization was responsible for several bombings all across America, killing five innocent people in the process.  The left shamelessly walks around with images of the psychotic, deceased maniacal, bloodthirsty zealot Che Guevara emblazoned across the front of their T-shirts. The man had no redeeming quality, and his penchant for sadistic brutality, and his dislike of black people is well known, but he is adored by the left. The Una bomber was a disciple of leftist ideology. The assassins of President Kennedy, President McKinley and President Lincoln were on the left or Democrat. It is a leftist who made an attempt on the life of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and two leftist women attempted to kill President Ford. In 2011 a young man from the Occupy Wall Street movement fired a bullet at the white house during President Obama’s tenure, and do not forget that during the last election Donald Trump is the only candidate who was rushed on the stage by a supporter of the other candidate. In town hall meetings earlier this year, it is only Republican members of congress who were attacked by leftist protesters showing up at the gatherings.

The destructiveness of this ideology can be seen across the world, from the shores of present day Venezuela (a once prosperous nation) to the plains of Zimbabwe, stretching all the way back to Stalinist Russia, the people’s revolution of China, the jungles of Vietnam, the killing fields of Cambodia, working its way all across the Oceans back to Cuba, and traversing much of Latin America. There are not too many success stories, but tens of millions of dead bodies as a direct result of leftist violence. Despite almost successful attempts to rewrite history, Hitler’s Germany is another glaring example of the left’s ability to descend into the pit of ruthlessness. Yes folks, you read that right, Nazism as practiced by Hitler, and his party was another brand of leftist ideology, but do not believe anything written here. Go examine the twenty five planks of Hitler’s “Nazionalsocialist” Party and his speeches, and you will see that it reads like anything you would hear at the Democratic Party Convention. The left attempts to link conservatives and the Republican Party to Nazis because of the Republican Party’s stance on illegal immigration, and their America first stance. Hitler’s platform had nothing to do with illegal immigration, low taxes, welfare reform, or the beauty of capitalism, free market reform of the health insurance industry or anything espoused by conservatives. The Nazis treatment of the Jews had more in common with Democrats treatment of blacks in America, not anything the Republican Party has ever done to any group of people. The Nazi College leaders burned books to stifle speech, and thought they did not like. Today the left riots, uses the heckler’s veto, and other forms of intimidation tactics to keep those they disagree with from speaking on University Campuses across the country. Violence against conservative speakers is such a threat, it is to the point that conservative speakers must have intense security when they give speeches at Universities because the left has independently declared these speakers spew hate speech, which must be shut down using any means necessary.

The Democrat Party has been on the wrong side of every major issue this country has faced, and today they continue to use race to divide people, albeit with a new twist. Today they attack the white male in a sick and twisted attempt to compensate for their history of injustice against blacks, and they continue to use Government programs to lure black people to their Party, and keep them dependent on Government in order to secure the votes of black people. This tactic of giving black people stuff started way back in the nineteen thirties. During this period, the Democrats denied blacks the benefits that they gave to whites during the Great Depression, but they always gave them just enough to keep them quiet, and coming back, while denying them real opportunities to be successful full-fledged Americans. Their reign of terror against blacks continued, but despite their treatment of black citizens, they began securing the black vote by feeding black people scraps to keep them dependent. Despite the Democrats’ reign of terror against blacks, and despite the lack of economic progress for many black Americans, blacks started to become more and more dependent on them, and that continues to this day. They tell black people that those who oppose the policies of the left want nothing but to take their stuff away. They convinced many black people that the scraps they are fed is divine sustenance from their benevolent benefactors, the Democrats.

As one prominent commentator so eloquently put it, the “Democrat Party has persuaded many black people to think that clinging to a rope while those at the top try to pull them up is better than providing those at the bottom with a ladder to climb to the top.” The ladder is risky, and there is a chance that those climbing it may fall. There are times when they may need the assistance of others to hold the ladder a bit, but making it to the top will mostly depend on their own effort. Some will not make it, but those who cling to the rope while someone attempts to pull them up are at the complete mercy of the person pulling the rope. Today in places like Baltimore, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Ferguson, Detroit, Chicago and other cities all across America run by Democrats, black people and other minorities are clinging to rope, and desperately reaching for scraps while they hang on for dear life. Many of these people will continue to vote for the Democrat Party because they are convinced that those who offer them another way, leading to the path of self-reliance are racists.

Here are a few examples of Democratic race baiting using white people as the bait from the headlines of established media outlets over the last few years:

The White Guy Problem

White Men Must be stopped: The Very Future of Mankind Depends on It

I Do

n’t Know What to Do With Good White People

Ten Things White People Need to Stop Saying

Dear White People: Here’s a List of Things, We’d Wish You’d Stop Doing

White Men are the Greatest Threat to This Country

Lena Dunham celebrates “The Extinction of White Men.”

A Drexel Professors calls for a white Genocide.

(Here is a strange twist) Stacy Dash and Ben Carson are “black white supremacists” according to Chelsea Handler.

A young Wisconsin College Democrat leader closely affiliated with the Clinton 2016 presidential campaign had to resign for tweeting “I f—ing hate white men.”

A few days ago a New York Times Columnist who is a professor at Yeshiva University wrote an op-ed where he stated that he’ll be raising his children to not trust white people.

Who can forget the black female professor Said Grundy who famously said “White masculinity isn’t a problem for America’s colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges,” she also said “Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses. And every year I find it nearly impossible.”

Check out the words of a Trinity College Professor by the name of Eric Williams in response to representative Steve Scalise’s shooting that was committed by a Bernie Sanders supporter: It is past time for the racially oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be ‘white’ will not do, put an end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of whiteness and their white supremacy system.”

These are not random trolls that you can find on all sides of the political divide. These are prominent people on the left who continually spew this kind of rhetoric. The irony is that they will look to the people who highlight their behavior and call them racist. Just for the heck of it let’s look at another example of this white hatred. This is from a Black Lives Matter affiliated group called F Yo Flag on their radio show a couple years ago. It’s from a caller, as the host agrees: “when those mother f**kers are by themselves, that’s when when we should start f***ing them up. Like they do us, when a bunch of them ni**ers takin’ one of us out, that’s how we should roll up.”  He said, “Cause we already roll up in gangs anyway. There should be six or seven black mother f**ckers, see that white person, and then lynch their a**. Let’s turn the tables.”

This is the kind of stuff that is now praised as being “woke,” or “brave,” “unafraid to speak truth to power,” and “telling it like it is.” Ladies and gentlemen, it is none of these things. It is just dangerous! No doubt there are lots of decent people on the left, but the machine that continues to spread the bilge on the left must be combatted fearlessly by those who do not wish to see the country go down this road. It is time to start standing against this divisiveness. Make no mistake about it, the left will try to insult, call names and resort to all kinds of intimidatory tactics to silence anyone who opposes their behavior. Stand up to them anyway!

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