Race Baiting and the Democrat Party

Michelle Obama recently stated that when she attended the State of the Union she would notice that the Republican side were “all men all white,” she went on further to state that because of that “people don’t trust politics.” “We should be working actively to mix it up, so we’re getting a real broad range of perspectives on every issue,” (it is not possible for a group of white men to have different perspectives on an issue, because they all think alike).  So for anyone paying attention, Mrs. Obama is OK judging this group of Americans, not based on the content of their character, not based on the value of what they have to contribute, but she dismissed and disqualified them based on their race and their gender. Once more in her own words for anyone who missed it, because they are “all men, all white.” This is not the first time that Mrs. Obama has spoken this type of divisive talk, in fact; it is a staple on which she relies as she takes her message to the people who support her. These sentiments expressed by Mrs. Obama, spoken in a different setting would be classified as the standard definition of bigotry. If anyone argues with this then imagine a scenario in which a white woman, talking to a reporter, disqualifies the contributions or relevance of a group of black or Hispanic men based on nothing more than their race and gender. The media will have a field day, the story would be on the twenty four seven loop, and reporters would bring in panels to discuss the issue of white women promoting, and enforcing the ugly stereo type of black men. Mrs. Obama though has quite a few things in her favor. First of all she is a black woman, she is a leftist, she is a Democrat, and she is the wife of Barrack the Great. This is another classical example of the soft bigotry of low expectations. The media and their white liberal counterparts judge black people by a totally different set of standards, either because they believe that black people deserve to be excused simply because they are black, or because they believe black people are somehow incapable of doing better, so they do not expect better from black people (low expectations). Instead of calling out the kind of divisive thought espoused by Mrs. Obama, people excuse it because it is carefully wrapped in a veneer of sophistication. She spews her divisiveness with an air of distinction, and because she is a Democrat, the leftist media allows her to get away with it.

Mrs. Obama’s husband was the champion of this type of discourse. A quick Google search will bring up numerous results of Mr. Obama making similarly divisive statements during his tenure. We heard them constantly during his two terms as President. This man had such an incredible opportunity to unite this nation in a way that no one before him did, but his time if office will go down in history as the biggest waste of opportunity in American history. Throughout his eight years in office he never ceased talking the way that that his wife did in her recent interview. This dude had no problem just casually blaming racism for opposition to him and his policies. He accused white people in Southern States of having a different attitude toward his Presidency than whites in Northern States, and without breaking a stride he stated that people view him as “foreign” some type of “other.” He told Latinos to use their votes to “reward their friends and punish their enemies.” He had no problem taking the side of the narrative that portrayed police targeting black men in this country. After a vicious attack by a black nationalist who took the lives of five white policemen, Mr. Obama said “I think it is very hard to pinpoint the motives of the shooter,” when all of the evidence, including the man’s own words clearly showed that the killings were racially motivated. At the funeral of the murdered policemen, he continued his attacks on the police, unconcerned about the effect that his words could have on the climate that exists in the country. He once infamously said at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner, during a time when tensions were high in the country, and Americans needed a soothing voice of reason, “too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement-guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear, and resentment and hopelessness.” As the President, he stated that most Americans believe the American Justice system suffers from institutional racism. During his awful eight year reign, he engaged in this type of discourse over and over again, and he never mounted as vigorous a defense of all that the country has done to advance the cause of civil rights and to fix what ails it. Mr. Obama, just like his wife, two peas in a pod, has this uncanny ability to speak poison with a silver tongue. They will have you applauding, cheering and rooting them on while they say some of the most outrageous things that could be said by anyone. It is an amazing gift. Mr. Obama, and the things he has said is on the record, and can be found by anyone doing a quick Google search, but to his worshippers it does not matter. It did not matter then, and it does not matter now. That is why his wife can say the nonsense that she said about white men without any blowback. Her enablers in the media have got her back.

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