A Political Party Obsessed by Race

Ladies and gentlemen, do not doubt for one moment that the Democrat Party, and the left in general sees everything through the prism of race colored lenses, in addition to all of the other grievances that they have; they are absolutely obsessed by race. In their warped thinking, nothing happens without race being a factor, especially if something goes wrong. Could it be that after being on the wrong side of every major civil rights issue since the country’s founding that they are now stuck in a vortex where they are constantly trying to compensate for their past sins, and therefore have to paint themselves as heroes in their race obsessed world? Part of their effort involves showing how “woke” they are, and in so doing they find race monsters everywhere. Under every rock lies a race demon, in every closet is the race bogeyman, and under every bed lies a race vampire. Over, and over, and over again, they pull the race card to counter every disagreement, to embarrass people and to shut them up. They threaten careers and livelihoods with made up charges of racism, and they just do not cease with the baseless charges of racism.

What is wrong with these people? At what point will Americans say enough of this, and demand that they stop playing this insidious game? It is absolutely stunning to observe these people hurl out the term white supremacist, and anti Antisemitism at public officials when no one in public office pushes nor endorses white supremacy as public policy. It is so ludicrous that one reporter accused the President of the United State of only wanting people from England, and Australia as immigrants when the President said that people who wish to migrate to the United States should learn to speak English.

It seems very clear what the goal of the Democrat Party is. Riding the race horse with such fervor is meant to shame people into silence. They understand very well that once the term racist sticks on someone, it is very difficult to recover from the stigma of it.The race pimping hysteria includes labeling people racist for wanting to fix the problem of illegal immigration. The latest example of the madness is accusing the President of not caring about the people of Puerto Rico who have been ravaged by Hurricane Irma and Maria, because they are brown people. It is literally impossible to make up this stuff.

No one in the corrupt media bats an eye when these ridiculous claims are made, and in some quarters they are even applauded. No one ever stops to ask the all-important question of how do you know what’s in someone’s heart? Do people’s track records on how they are known to actually treat their fellow citizens mean nothing to these race hustlers? What is more important to them is to just throw the term out there, and get it stick somewhere. The extent of the madness knows no bounds, and just when one thinks that these people can sink no lower, they go and do one worse. It is maddening to witness.

Here is how the latest hoopla currently taking place in the NFL began. A young multi-million dollar black athlete by the name of Colin Kaepernick, in a league made up of other multi million dollar black athletes who know firsthand the benefit of hard work, and how it pays off in America, decided that he will not stand for the playing of the national anthem. He made this incredible charge: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that that oppresses black people and people of color…There are bodies in the streets and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. A country that oppresses black people? People getting paid leave and getting away with murder? Are you serious Mr. Kaepernick!?!? Are you kidding? Are there not laws on the books that protect black people,  can’t black people sue for discrimination, do businesses all over the country not have diversity programs to ensure that discriminatory practices are not a part of their modus operandi. Don’t colleges, government contractors, and other institutions not have affirmative action programs that give black people a hand up? How exactly are black people getting oppressed, where is the data, what are the numbers? Where is the proof?

The only place there are bodies lying in the streets are on the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, South Central LA, and many other urban war zones where black men kill other black men. Of course this happens in every community, but no other group of people is as prolific at killing their own as black people are, and the numbers are staggeringly higher in the black community. They have mastered killing their own to an art form. Sadly Kaepernick and his ilk are not interested in dealing with that serious problem because it does not fit the narrative that he has bought into. He would much rather use the unfortunate rare instances of police brutality to push the narrative that America is a terrible, rotten, country that brutally oppresses its citizens of color. Of course, one death or instance of police brutality of an innocent black man or anyone for that matter getting killed at the hands of the police, is one too many, and in the rare instances when it does happen, all the resources of the law must be used to ensure that justice is done, but the idea that the system is targeting black people, and people of color is a strategic ploy that is used by those on the left for political gain. The claim is sheer nonsense.

No country is perfect, but America addresses its issues, and when problems are identified the country puts systems in place to fix them. It is the reason why we no longer have slavery as an institution, Jim Crow has been abolished, and women can vote, the Ku Klux Klan has been rendered a toothless tiger, civil rights have been enacted, and a host of other remedies applied to fix the country’s ills.

Unfortunately none of this matters to the people who cry racism at every turn. It is now being said that the reason the President, and others are upset by protests across the NFL  at players who disrespect the flag, and the national anthem is not really about the flag or the anthem. Are you ready for this? They say that the real reason the President is angry at the protesters is because he is upset at the idea of black people protesting. All over the world people show respect for their country’s’ national anthem and flag. There is not a country in the world where this principle does not apply.  Some countries take it so seriously that people go to jail if they show disrespect to their flag or anthem. All of a sudden these spoiled, rich, privileged athletes who know know first hand what is to be rewarded on merit expect that people in the country would just turn a blind eye to their affront. As they blatantly trample for a dubious cause what is and has always been a very solemn tradition, they cannot understand the repulsion that people have toward their actions. After kicking sand in the faces of their fans and customers for over a year by bringing their leftist political views into a game that people watch for a brief respite, they accuse the President of being divisive.  We are truly living in an upside down world.

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