Thoughts on the Charlotteville White Supremacist March

There are no good Nazis, there are no good white supremacists, and there are no good racist bigots, alt right or whatever name people want to call them. Period! This ideology should not be embraced in any way or to any measure. Having said that, these people as Americans are assured the same rights as every other American. The first amendment applies to them also. They have the right to hold the awful positions that they do, no matter how despicable or heinous. When they do hold their rallies, they deserve the same protections as any of those people who march in support of more noble causes, or the other groups deemed more legitimate by the thought police.  They went through the legal process, got the necessary permits to hold their protest, and had the right to conduct their March free of threats of violence.  These people may be vile human beings because of the positions that they hold, but the people who would use intimidation and acts of violence to disrupt their constitutional right to petition their government are just as vile. There is no inherent right to “punch a Nazi” as many of them claim or declare on their T-shirts, and President Trump was right to call them out on it. One area to disagree with the President on is his statement that there were “fine” people on “both sides” because some of the protesters were just there to protest the removal of the statues. Though that in itself is true, that not because people are against the removal of the confederate statute does it mean they are racist, that march clearly was a white supremacist protest. That was a march with some terrible people on both sides. One person even died because one white supremacists allegedly drove his car into a crowd of people. The President’s statement Monday was the correct one. We know that President Trump often shoots from the hip, and he says some foolish things at times. No excuses for him here, but his supporters reject the notion that he is a racist. The man’s entire life is what they use to judge whether he is a racist or not. Like every white male, he’s no doubt been accused of being a racist, but there is nothing in his life over the course of many years that shows he has ever held ill will or given favor to people because of the color of their ski, in fact; his life is an example of the opposite.  Despite what happened on Saturday, the so-called ANTIFA movement, whose tactics by definition are very fascistic, are a bigger threat to this country than white supremacist marching in the streets.

One of the worst things that anyone could be labelled in America is to be called a racist. It is a career ender. Being called a racist in this country leads to being ostracized, once one is successfully labelled a racist. It is something from which it is hard to recover if you are a conservative or Republican. As a black leftist, or white liberal one can get away with it a lot easier, but the term racist has been weaponized by the left and the Democrat Party, and it is used over and over in a relentless attempt to make it stick on those with whom they disagree.  The KKK, Neo-Nazis, Alt-right and others who were a part of the protest on Saturday are deserving of the scorn that they incur because of what they stand for, but they had permission to be there and the ANTIFA protesters did not. It does not matter how much one disagrees with the positions the racists hold. All decent reasonable people would disagree with them. The positions of the protestors who were legally there to hold their march does not give license to the anyone to  stoke the violence, and be absolved from any blame as the situation descends into full scale chaos, and people get seriously injured, or die.  The ANTIFA protestors are not heroes as the race baiter Eric Dyson declares. They are not freedom fighters. These people are hooligans of the highest order, and they deserve to be called out on it, just as the President did. President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong in his initial condemnation of the violence when he condemned all sides who were involved. The ANTIFA protestors are engaged in dangerous behavior, but because they portray themselves as being against white supremacy they are given a free pass for their behavior. Comparing them to American Soldiers who fought on the battlefields against Hitler’s army is a travesty. These are violent thugs who attack people because they disagree with them.

Whereas groups like the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, and others have no real influence in America and continue to be condemned, ostracized and repudiated by most Americans because of the stigma that is attached to racism, dangerous groups like the ANTIFA movement receive glowing praise. The KKK and the Neo-Nazis pose no threat to American Democracy compared to groups like ANTIFA. The ANTIFA movement is the real threat. Their classically fascist tactics are excused because they embrace all of the approved radical leftist causes. They oppose free speech and the freedom of religion, they are anti-capitalist, they are for the redistribution of wealth and social engineering. They claim to battle racism, sexism, misogyny, islamophobia, homophobia and many more imagined ills in our society. In the meanwhile they are tolerant of racism when it is exercised by those with whom they agree, not only is it tolerated, but they give the proponents a platform to display the bigotry. They put men like Al Sharpton on a pedestal. They are not vocal when the most blatant acts of racism are committed by black people against white people. They embrace Movements like the Black Lives Matter, and when white leftist spew their bile against black conservatives they are silent. They have no problem denigrating women who do not subscribe to leftist ideology, or denigrating the handful of gay people who reject their dogma. They are silent when the Black Lives Matter wreak havoc in the streets. They then go on to lecture us about civility. They pretend to know what’s in people’s hearts while ignoring blatant acts of racism and intolerance. These people are dangerous, and they must not be allowed to get away with their sheer intolerance, and their violence, even in the face of a complicit media.

Please do not be cowered by these bullies who seek to destroy the fabric of our democracy. Do not be intimidated or silenced by them. If Americans do not actively engage these radical hoodlums, we will rue the day that they find themselves in power with the ability to carry out their agenda to completion. The people who organized the March of Friday deserve to be called out for their role in the violence, but it is the ANTIFA movement that deserves the bulk of our scorn. President Donald Trump was right to call them out. These people do not have the royal high ground!

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