Leftist Abuse of the word Hate

It is great to see the Alliance Defending Freedom fighting back against attempts to smear their name. Not too long ago, organizations like these just went about their business, and did not respond with the type of fervor that see them display in the fight to stop the smears. It is absolutely refreshing to see it! In the past; “taking the high road,” and allowing the left to baselessly attack and label organizations like these is what allowed the narrative about them to take root. Many conservatives are coming around to the realization that they do not have to just sit back, and allow the left to define them, by blatantly misrepresenting what they believe and do. This ability to fight back is in large part due to the constantly evolving landscape of the new media that allows conservatives to have a voice. Organizations like Fox News, Breitbart News, the Drudge Report, National Review and others serve to get the true story of, and the message of conservatism to the people. It is no wonder that these news organizations are despised by those on the left. The left is no longer able to shape the narrative unchallenged, and it drives them crazy.

Recently ABC, and NBC News, Mediaite and other news organizations labeled the ADF as a hate group based on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s assessment of the ADF. Why were they labeled a hate group one may ask? Why such an egregious label attached to them, what horrific act did they commit? The answer would make anyone recoil in horror. The ADF, took on the case of a couple in Colorado who refused to specifically cater to a gay wedding. The couple never refused to serve gay people in the daily process of running their business, but they did refuse to do the gay wedding in particular, and for defending this couple; the ADF has been labeled hate group. The ADF believes that the government should not be able to force anyone to go against their conscience in such a fundamental way. They believe that freedom of religion is one of the central principles that is part of the bedrock of America’s founding, and that no one should be fined for holding to their beliefs the way this couple did. For the horrible act of standing for the constitution, and defending people like the bakers in Colorado; the ADF has evoked the ire of the SPLC, the left wing media, and those who wish to radically transform the culture unopposed.

The SPLC is a “civil rights” legal advocacy organization that brands groups that do not promote the leftist agenda, as hate groups. A few years ago they put the Family Research Center (FRC) on their list of hate groups because the FRC too supports the traditional definition of marriage. Sometime after that, a young man attacked the FRC, and wounded a security guard who attempted to intercept him, and stop him from committing an act of carnage. The man said that he was there because he wanted to “kill as many people as he could and stuff their mouths with Chick-fil-A sandwiches as a political statement.” Why Chick-Fil-A sandwiches one may ask. Well, Chick-fil-A has also made the cardinal error of going against the shifting cultural sands, by opposing gay marriage. For this they too have come under fire from the toleracracy. Chick-fil-A not only managed to upset groups like the SPLC, but they have been targeted by leftist politicians like Mayor Bill De Blasio, Rahm Emmanuel, and college campuses across America for no other reason than that they oppose gay marriage, and support traditional values. De Blasio called for a boycott of the chain, labeling them as “anti-gay.” Emmanuel and another alderman in Chicago attempted to block the fast food chain from expanding there because of their “anti-gay” stance. To anyone reading this, do you understand why the founders made the wise decision to limit the powers of the Government? Do you understand why they enshrined in the constitution the many rights that are there to protect people from the heavy hand of Government and their over reach.  While the left constantly complains, ad nauseum, that Moslems are the targets of hate, by a few ignorant people who do not represent the views conservatives, they are quite happy to put up with Government targeting of Christian people for their deeply held religious convictions.

This is what we have come to in America. The left has been so successful in defining the debate that you have to now believe that the act of copulation between people of the same sex is fine, and if you believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, you are deemed to be filled with hate. If one holds the view that a boy is not a girl, a girl is not a boy, neither can either one ever be the other, that person is also deemed a bigot. In the mind of these people it is not even possible to have these view points, and believe that people should be treated with dignity and respect despite disagreeing with their philosophy. In their minds it is impossible for those who do not share their views to love people despite these disagreements with them. Hate is the only reason for their views after all. The idea that those who do not share their views are hateful sheds a bright light on why so many of them often behave the way they do. It is because the opposite holds true. They can only love the people with whom they agree. They then project their fear and bigotry unto others.

The left scoffs at the idea of religious freedom, and that in itself is indicative of how the culture has been changed, that we are fighting a battle that was won over two hundred and fifty years ago. The fact that people are so offended by this idea of freedom is alarming, and should cause people to sit up take notice. If the government can force people to go against their religious beliefs in such a way, then there is no limitation of what the government can do. People should remember that history is littered with Governments abusing their people. These abuses have always happened in nations that do not respect the freedom of religion the way that America has since it’s founding. It is the common threat that exists in every tyrannical government.

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