Trump Continues to Win and Move His Agenda

President Trump has been winning quite a lot lately, despite the best efforts of his detractors and his principal enemies, the media, followed by those in the Democratic Party who are trying to delegitimize his Presidency. The media in particular is flummoxed because they do not know what to do with him. Despite their best efforts to destroy his Presidency before it even began, he continues to thrive. All of the bombs that they have lobbed his way have been duds, and other weapons that they have used against him that under different circumstances would have been the death knell of other politicians, just seem to bounce off him. He continues to be defiant, he refuses to let the media define him, and he returns fire when he is attacked. This infuriates them because in the past, all they needed to do to silence anyone who opposed their socialist agenda was to pull out any one, or all of what one talk show host called “the big six” if necessary, and throw it at that person. Calling Donald Trump racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, islamopbic or the all-encompassing term, bigot, was never going to be a winning strategy. They never the less continue to unrelentingly go after him, not based on much substance, but innuendo and a purely hate filled desire to see him fail. President Trump however is a different a man who is just as unrelenting, and from all indications, loves a good fight.

This obsession that the media has with taking down President Trump, working in consort with the Democratic Party has allowed the President to move at a break neck speed advancing his agenda, escaping the kind of scrutiny that usually goes hand in hand with some of the positions that he has taken since coming into office. Though he is yet to gain a major legislative victory, he is advancing his agenda using the tool of the Presidential executive order that was so beloved by President Obama. Unlike Obama though, he is not just  initiating executive orders to bypass the role played by congress, but to reign in some of the over reach that government agencies have engaged in over many years. Just a couple of days ago for instance, he rescinded President Obama’s Clean Water Act which many claimed expanded the power of the federal government beyond measure, and earlier in the year he rescinded the Transgender bathroom law, he withdrew from the Paris Climate accord, the Trans Pacific Partnership, he removed regulations on business, and took other actions countering the executive orders that were instituted by the Obama administration. Because the media has been so caught up in the Russia collusion non-story, many of these actions Trump has taken since assuming office have been given little attention, to the joy of many of his supporters.

Another benefit of the hysteria over Trump is some of the information that has been made public as a direct result of the efforts to discredit him. In the last few weeks we found out that James Comey really did tell Trump that he was not under investigation. We found out also that many of the Senators on the committee investigating the Russian collusion angle had also known for months that Trump was not under investigation. The focus of the witch hunt has since switched to “obstruction of justice” because Mr. Comey said he “felt” (not based on anything Trump had told him to do) that Trump was trying to influence his investigation. During his testimony Mr. Comey mentioned that Obama Administration AG Loretta Lynch actually did try to influence Mr. Comey’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. So even in going after Mr. Trump the Democrats shot themselves in the foot helping to get information that was in the dark to come out in the open. Since the witch hunt began we have come to find out that the acting Director of the FBI is under investigation for a series of possible administrative violations. What is most interesting is that he was accused of sexual discrimination by a former female employee. In the process of that episode, Michael Flynn came out in support of the woman who filed a suit against the FBI Acting Director, and a couple of years later Michael Flynn found himself in the cross hairs of the FBI, and this whole Russian collusion nonsense got its legs. Sometime later, Obama administration Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was added to the long list of names that said there is no evidence Trump or anyone in his Administration was involved in any Russian collusion, and that nothing Russia did affected the election in any way. On top of all of all that, Johnson revealed that the Democratic National Committee refused FBI help after their servers were hacked. Everything that these people have tried so far seems to be backfiring on them and it is beautiful to watch.

Add to all of this, the victory at the polls last week in the Georgia special election, and we could surely say that Trump has been on a role. The election was hyped as a referendum of sorts on Mr. Trump’s Presidency because the media, pollsters and so many others on the left were sure that Republicans were going to lose the seat. When it became clear that it was not such a sure thing, they continued to hype what a win would mean, but they tried to manage expectations. The results came in, and they tried to spin it in every direction, and down play what it meant to Trump. Trump was having none of it though, and he basked in the victory. In the last couple of days, the Supreme Court handed the Trump administration a significant victory by upholding many key elements of the travel moratorium he had imposed on travelers from six failed states. Perhaps the biggest and sweetest victory for Trump so far is in the revelation that CNN has been purposely hyping the Russia collusion story purely for ratings. One CNN producer admitted while secretly being videotaped that the story was mostly Bull****, and another CNN commentator said that the Russian collusion story was a big nothing burger. To say that Trump is reveling in this revelation is perhaps an understatement as he continues to pound CNN for being fake news, and they pretend to be fair, objective and balanced.

Trump experienced another win yesterday as NATO allies promised to increase their military spending by 4.3 percent. Trump has been critical of NATO for not fulfilling their financial obligation to the Military alliance, and in the process he has been criticized ceaselessly for it, but with yesterday’s announcement, it seems that Trumps haranguing of our NATO allies, and the announcement of the increased spending is another victory for President Trump. So as the media and their allies in the Democratic Party, the never Trumpers in the Republican party, Hollywood and Academia continues to assail President Trump from every angle, he remains unfazed and continues plugging along. The support of the people who voted for him, and continue to support him is stronger than ever because many of them for the first time are witnessing someone who fights back. President Trump invites a lot of the criticism by the things that he says, his tweets sometimes seem puerile and his behavior often comes across as “not Presidential,” but in the end these things do not matter to his supporters. They look at the agenda that he is trying to advance, they see his fighting spirit, his unabashed love of country, and that to them; that matters more than anything.

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