Racists in the Ball Park

Recently, in imperfect America; a few rowdy jerks at Boston’s Fenway Park yelled some racial slurs at a black ball player. Of course, the race pimps who are always looking for an opportunity to point a finger and say, see I told you so are rejoicing because they have another opportunity to show what a horrible, racist, country America is. These defenders of the down trodden rush in to the mud of racial demagoguery where they love to tread. Leftist sports casters are in tub-thumper heaven. CNN sports commentator Michael Smith self-righteously declared that the incident is not a one off type of experience. He proclaimed “if you’re an American City, you are a racist city.” Thanks Michael for the enlightenment. There are newspaper articles discussing what it means that in 2017 black people are still experiencing this type of abuse, and on and on they go. Someone has to stand up and ask the question. Are these people serious? While they impress many who buy into the whole America is racist narrative, they evoke a different set of emotions from those who are unto their game. These hucksters are perpetrators of a master con game. The reward for them is not always money, but they also get to feel good about themselves. You see many of them get to show that they are “woke” to the plight of the black man. They are honest, and courageous enough to “tell it like it is,” and the black people who buy into the nonsense get to wallow in their victimhood, as the “ugly truth” about this rotten God forsaken place rears its ugly head one more time.

To all of these charlatans who jump at every opportunity to promote this insidious agenda where they try to portray every black person as a victim, and every unfortunate incident as the norm, and themselves as the champions of the black man’s plight; those Americans who are on to your game are calling you out for the hypocrites that you are. If you are so interested in fighting racism, where were you a couple of weeks ago when a black man was running through the streets of Fresno California targeting, and killing people for no other reason than that the victims were white. You were silent a couple of years ago during the Baltimore riots when black people targeted white people for violence as a means of venting against “the system”. We did not hear you after the last elections when a white man was beaten and pulled from his car for voting for Donald Trump. Sure you said that violence is not ok, but we did not hear you protesting about the racial element of the crime with the same type of vigor that you highlight the racial element of these idiots at Fenway Park. How about when Professor Kamau Kambon of North Carolina University some years ago called for the extermination of white people, or when Drexel University Professor George Ciccarielo said over the Christmas that all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide? Many of these people are people of influence, the things that they say, and their behavior has the potential to do much more damage than some fools at a ball game. When Jesse Williams gave his hateful racist speech at the Grammy awards a year ago, you applauded him and wrote glowing articles about him. You had no interest in race relations then did you? Of course not, because all that hatred was directed at the wrong race. No political mileage to be gained there, so of course you were silent or downplayed the racial dimension of these incidents. When there was a black man in the Oval office, every criticism of him was deemed to be racist. You played the race card for eight years, day after day. Now that there is a white man in the Oval Office, none of you guardians against racism had a problem when a young black entertainer by the name of Bow Wow said to the President of the United States that “you’d better shut up before I pimp your wife.” That’s all fair game right?

No one is saying that it is not hurtful to deal with the kind of treatment that this athlete faced in Boston, but it is important to get a little perspective and move on. Anyone who denies that there is racism in America is a fool. Racism is a fact, it is impossible not to have it in a country of hundreds millions of people with so much diversity, but anyone who says that America is a racist country is a bigger fool. How has the actions of the clowns at the ball park affected the rich million dollar black player, or any other black person for that matter? What effect has it had personally on anyone’s life? Who cares what the racists at the Park or any other racist thinks? While the race industrial complex is capitalizing on this silly incident, and many black people are in a corner licking their wounds and feeling sorry for themselves, real tragedies are occurring all across the country. People are murdered, robbed, women are raped, lives destroyed because of identity theft, and a list of other ills happening. It is called life. Bad things happen, black people are not exempt. Suck it up and drive on. Regardless of what the race industry tries to push, regardless of how much they try to convince us, this is not the nineteen sixties.  The societal responses to incidents like what happened at Fenway Park are the true indicators of America as a country. The Governor, the Mayor, the Red Sox and all the people who weighed in to denounce the reprehensive behavior tells the story of America, not the idiots flinging racial epithets. It was interesting to listen to Michael Smith spit his diatribe on ESPN because he gave no examples to support his claims of how racist America is. He just made a bunch of general statements that says despite what we see with our own eyes, and experience in our own lives every day; he knows what’s in the people’s hearts, and they are all racist. In other words it’s all in his head. After years of constant race baiting, pitting people against each other, Americans must reject this foolishness. Call out racism, and all injustice wherever it shows up, but stop using these unfortunate incidents to stir discontent. Approach it from the position of wanting to make the country a better place, not as an opportunity feed grievance. Just stop it, it is tiresome!

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