Take the White Man’s Vote Away

Has the world gone mad? Last week in the South Africa edition of The Huffington Post there was an opinion piece in which the writer suggested that the vote be taken from the white male for about twenty five to thirty years. Yes folks you read that right. Let that thought soak into your consciousness for a moment. Let it marinate as you consider all of the implications in that statement. A major publication of the United States (the leader of the free world), published an opinion piece that advocated for the disenfranchisement of white men all over the world. True it was the South Africa edition of the Huffington Post, but that does not make the matter any less significant, because Companies generally have a code under which they operate, and it applies to branches of the organization wherever in the world they may be. In the internet age, a publication like the Huffington Post has a very far reach, and the excuse that it was the South Africa version does not hold water. At the end of the day this is an American Publication, and an arm of their organization felt comfortable enough to print an opinion piece hostile to a large section of the world’s population. Imagine an organization like Breibart News publishing an equally egregious piece from their London Branch, about a favorite victim group of the left.  The excuse that it was not the American Bureau that published the piece would not fly.

It is stunning that people feel comfortable making the suggestion that the vote should be taken from people for no other reason than those people’s race and gender. The American People and the People of South Africa know better than most, the horror of racial oppression, yet here was this established publication allowing someone to advocate for the disenfranchisement of a people. So once again, the question begs; has America and the world lost its collective mind? One could say that this writer does not represent the views of most Americans, and people around the world, but why would people of this mindset feel at ease in publishing this bile, this utter nonsense, that is the exact opposite of what so many fought and died for to further the cause of civil rights around the world.

Dr. Martin Luther King, and the great Nelson Mandela must each be doing two full 360 degree turns in their grave. After the progress that we have made in the United States since the death of Dr. King, and the progress in South Africa, the many challenges and the many struggles that South Africa still face; how have we regressed to the point that people could openly promote this blatant discriminatory piece. Why does it not trigger the same type of outcry that we would see if someone suggested taking the vote away from the black man or any group of women? The answer to that ladies and gentlemen is that politicians have inculcated such a victim mentality in certain groups of people that many now see this type of thinking as justifiable. Many are no longer content with equal opportunity, they want pay back. It is to the benefit of politicians (in the United States, they come from one political party) to pander to people, keeping them in a state of perpetual grievance. These politicians then sell themselves as the ones to make everything alright. The only thing that the aggrieved have to do is put and keep them in power.

In an environment where people constantly see themselves as victims, it is easier to foster this type of climate. That is why the Black Lives Matter Movement could demand in a news briefing that “all white reporters go to the back,” without an outcry from the media. On another occasion, people in one of their rallies chanted “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon,” (referring to the police). Just over the Christmas, one university professor tweeted “all I want for Christmas is White Genocide.” He was unapologetic and he never apologized. The school also did not fire him.  Conferences and courses in white privilege abound, and the white male is maligned to the point that it now seems fashionable to do so. It is the one group about whom one can say just about anything, stereotype, and caricature without any repercussions. It is no wonder that people feel comfortable saying the things that they do, and a publication like the Huffington post can proudly post an op-ed calling for white men all over the world to lose their right to vote. White men’s reactionary response to progressivism have prevented the successful implementation of progressive policies around the world according to the writer of the piece, so therefore they should lose their vote. They do not vote right, so let’s just take their vote away. Folks when we say to you that leftism is dangerous do not doubt it for a moment. Imagine what would happen if people who think this way were to ever get their hands on unfettered power.

If something like this were to truly happen, what do people suppose the response would be? Would the white male just give up his right to vote and roll over? If something as fundamental as the right to vote is taken away what else can be taken away? How much further will the treatment of white men degenerate. Apart from this being a sheer immoral idea, has anyone who even thinks that is a good idea given any thought about the ramifications of such a wicked act?

The Huffington post did end up taking down the post, but not for the reasons one would think. The South African editor defended the piece, but they took it down because “the blog submission from an individual who called herself Shelley Garland, who claimed to be an MA student at UCT, cannot be traced and appears not to exist.” Nothing more needs to be said.

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