Hillary Clinton’s History of Lies and Corruption

What must it be like to live the charmed life of a liberal/leftist Democrat politician in America?  As long as the message is the “right” one, the leftist can do no wrong. They will never be held to the same standard as a Conservative or a Republican. Just promise the people stuff, and assure them that the Government will take care of them. Get the people dependent on the Government and the leftist has it made. The media refuses to hold the left accountable and the left in return gets to thumb their noses at the rest of society as they sit perched on their pedestals, smug and secure in the knowledge that they will never be held to the same standard as their counterparts on the right. There seems to be no end to the corruption that is rampant in Hillary Clinton’s circle, but it does not matter. What matters more is that Donald Trump is a loudmouth, and his indiscretions that pale in comparison to Mrs. Clinton’s. One would be hard-pressed to find a six day old corpse that is more corrupt than Hillary Clinton. Her dubious past rolls across the decades, from her time as a young lawyer to her current Presidential bid; she has left a trail of corruption and lies that is unprecedented in modern politics. Mrs. Clinton’s political career is the political equivalent of an organized crime boss who because of his/her high priced lawyers, high powered connections and corrupt  resources fail to be get indicted for any of his illegal activities.

She lies with impunity with a goal of embellishing her status. This penchant for lying is what made her, out of thin air declare during her 2008 campaign for the white house that she came under sniper fire during her visit to Bosnia as first lady. In another instance she claimed that she was rejected by the Marine Corps for no other reason than being a woman. This lie, repeated often is meant to further solidify her credentials as a “champion of women’s rights.” It does not matter that it is not true, she repeats it anyway. Some more examples of stories made up out of whole cloth are about all her grandparents being immigrants. She lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, about Benghazi and about her emails. Even after the FBI director gave his report to the American people and everyone heard him with their own ears say with his own mouth that Mrs. Clinton lied about her emails, she said with a straight face, and not a hint of embarrassment “Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people” She is hardly held accountable for her actions by the press. This can be seen in the media’s response to all of the scandals that have engulfed her candidacy since it began. While they continue to be consumed by accusations of inappropriate sexual advances on women made against Donald Trump, Mrs. Clinton continues to skate on by with hardly a challenge to all of the corruption that has surrounded her over the years. For years, women who have claimed to be victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault or raped by her husband have alleged that Mrs. Clinton threatened to destroy their reputations and their lives. Despite these claims Mrs. Clinton has never been questioned as to the validity of these charges. Simultaneously we see that lesser accusations against Trump are given the exact opposite treatment by those in the media.

Her decent into the pits of corruption include her cattle futures “investment” of one thousand dollars with a return of one hundred thousand dollars. You can read more about that here. In addition to all of the questions surrounding her extreme stroke of “fortune” on this deal “the first couple was forced to pay an additional $14,615 in back taxes and interest after it was learned that the first lady had made more money on commodity trades than had been revealed to the public or to the IRS.” This would not be the last time the Clintons made this kind of “mistake” on their IRS filings. Years later in another display of questionable accounting, they again failed to accurately file taxes, this time for the Clinton Foundation. When their “mistake” was exposed, it was revealed that they failed to accurately disclose donations from foreign Governments.

The media has steadfastly refused to ask Mrs. Clinton about the connections between the Clinton foundation, the State Department, a 145 million dollar contribution to the foundation by powerful uranium magnates, and the Russian Government’s ownership stake in a large Uranium Company here in the United States. Some Media outlets have attempted to defend Mrs. Clinton’s role in this deal, but this article explains how it all ties together. What is most amazing is that this issue was not raised once during the Presidential debates.

We found out recently that one of Mrs. Clinton’s insiders and best friends, Governor Terry McAuliffe, and an influential PAC with whom he is associated gave a combined 700 thousand dollars to a Senate candidate who happened to be the wife of a high ranking FBI official who was given “an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails,”. According to the article, the gentleman “was promoted to deputy director after his wife’s campaign had concluded.” He ended up playing a crucial in the findings of FBI director Comey, in finding that Mrs. Clinton’s actions, though negligent and grossly inappropriate warranted no further action. What a coincidence!

With Hillary Clinton, America knows what they will get if she is elected as President, a woman who has been in public life for decades with no major accomplishment to show for it and a history of corruption. She has made it clear what she intends to do with the Supreme court, the Affordable Care Act, the Second Amendment, the First Amendment, allocating public funds for abortion, race relations, taxes and the list goes on. She has demonstrated that she cannot be trusted, and that she will say whatever is necessary to attain power. If these are the things that matter to you, and not the personality of the candidates then the choice is clear. Mr. Trump may not be a paragon of virtue himself but compared to Hillary Clinton…

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