Liberal outrage at Fox

Get ready to recoil in horror folks, clutch your purses ladies, grab on to your seats fellas. Those dastardly devils at Fox News are at it again. They are…they are…(gasp)…they are doing another segment critical of liberal Democrats again. How dare they!? Did they not get the memo? You do not criticize liberals. The wrath of the press is supposed to fall on conservatives alone. The audacity of these charlatans at Fox News. It’s all lies, lies I tell ya! They are just there to do the bidding of the Republican Party. Those propagandists, they are only pushing conspiracy theories. Their press credentials should be revoked. I’m going over to MSNBC where liberalism is not the default position and the coverage is always fair, or maybe to CNN where we know the journalists are neutral, always give everyone a fair shake (especially conservatives) and have no agenda, lets go.

Pay no attention to the video below:



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