Police Shootings of Black Men and Our Response to Them

It is a very sad day when even one innocent person is killed at the hands of the police. That is one too many. People do have a right to be angry, to voice their displeasure and to petition the government for justice. The grief that the families of these victims feel must be inconsolable and it is impossible to know their anguish without being in their shoes. When it is determined that the police have acted in a way that betrays the trust of the communities that they are called to serve, they must pay for their actions through the justice system. The truth is that the police are not perfect and like every segment of our society, there are bad apples amongst them, but the majority of these citizens are noble people who do yeoman’s work to keep communities safe. They have chosen a profession that is fraught with danger. These are the people who protect us while we sleep comfortably in our beds. They willingly volunteer to be the shield between society and the murderers, the kidnappers, the rapists, the child molesters, the muggers, the robbers, the burglars and every other deviant in society. They are often called upon to make split second life or death decisions that could forever negatively affect them and those with whom they interact. The level of stress under which they are called to work is inconceivable to the average citizen. Please put in perspective all of the circumstances surrounding these unfortunate incidents that are bound to happen from time to time in a country of over 300 million people. This is a plea to Americans to say no to the race baiters, to those who trade in discord. Defy the race hustlers and the race pimps, disappoint them with an unparalleled display of unity as they attempt to tear the country apart for their own gain.

After two Islamic extremists went on a rampage and killed over a dozen people back in November 2015, Attorney General Loretta lynch promised to prosecute anyone who engaged in anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence”.  This was the day after the attack, she called it her “greatest fear” that people would engage in this kind of behavior. A few days after another Islamic terrorist killed fifty people and injured dozens more, Ms. Lynch declared that “the best response to terror is compassion unity and love”. Likewise President Obama and other politicians of his ilk have gone through great pains to call on the American people to resist labeling all Moslems as extremists in the face of numerous attacks by Islamic extremists at home and abroad. Contrast this with the way that the police are treated and portrayed whenever a black man is killed by the police under dubious circumstances around the country. The President and others like him seldom seem willing to extend the same kind of sentiment toward the police.

President Obama had an amazing opportunity to give comfort, and be like a soothing balm to the nation during a very tense time when emotions were once again high after the shooting of another black man by a white police officer. Mr. Obama could have used his position as the leader that everyone looks to in times of crisis to be the voice of reason, but sadly he did not. Instead of being the voice of reason, Mr. Obama fed the mob with rhetoric that can very easily be disproven, about black men being targeted by the police. This is shameful! Unfortunately this is par for the course with Mr. Obama. In March of 2015 President Obama praised the Baltimore Police Department for “implementing national best practices for policies and training”. Two months later after the death of Freddie Gray while being in police custody, President Obama and his Justice Department changed their tune and launched a scathing attack against the same Police Department for whom, only two months earlier; they had such high praise. What happened in those two months? Remember once again the words of Rahm Emanuel (President Obama’s former chief of staff): “you never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that, it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before”. The leftist agenda always reigns supreme.

Black people really have to rethink who they support politically in this country. The politicians who continue to take every unfortunate situation between black men and the police to feed in to racial hysteria should be rejected by all people, of all races. It is the same politicians and “leaders” who continue to do it year after year, decade after decade. They never offer words that heal, to bring people together in the time of tragedy. They do not call on black people to examine their role in the many conflicts that take place between them and the police. Instead they continue to tell them that every bad thing that ever happens to them is someone else’s fault. This has to stop. These people who push this narrative have to know that the things they are saying about the police is not true. The data is widely available to anyone willing to examine it. Black people are not under siege, they are not being targeted by the police, and there is no epidemic of racism against black people (that does not mean that racism is dead-that will never happen in a society made up of imperfect people). It is time for black people to free themselves of these mental chains that have enslaved them for far too long. Cast off the shackles laid by those who wish to keep them psychologically and spiritually bound. Say no to these self-appointed masters and experience true freedom! It may be unpopular to say these things, but it is the truth. The police is not the enemy of the black man! Black babies are not dying in drive by shootings committed by the police, young black men who are murdered do not have a shorter life expectancy because of the police. Please take a dispassionate look at the data (examine it from all sources and analyze it). If black people are having a disproportionate amount of interactions with the police, it may be a direct result of the behavior of black people. Those who continue to tell black people differently are not friends of the black community. These attacks on the police make everyone less safe, and sadly those who will be most significantly affected by them are black people.

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