Race Baiting

Why is it that every time a black man is killed by the police that the natural response from people is to charge that it was racially motivated? Could it ever be that that there are other dynamics at work that sometimes pave the way for these misfortunes. Sometimes it is simply bad police work, sometimes it is the flow of adrenaline and the fog of a hostile environment, or the police simply misjudging the actions of a suspect that is the cause.  The job of those who protect us is highly stressful and people are sometimes called to make quick life or death decisions without the benefit of hindsight. Now the loss of life under violent circumstances is always a tragedy, and as a society we need to figure out how to address these issues of violence not only after they happen but before so that we can minimize the often senseless loss of life.  Our leaders who continue to use these awful incidents to fuel the hysteria should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of using the very large pulpit at their disposal as a cause for good and to unite the country they continue to fan the flames of racial discord by recklessly imposing themselves in the fray and making unsubstantiated claims. Anyone who is interested in seeing this country move forward in a positive way has to reject this incessant brazen race baiting. Without providing any proof we are always willing to make these broad charges and assumptions about whole groups of people. We do not hesitate to sully the character of noble, decent people based solely and purely on our presuppositions. We self-righteously castigate an entire cross section of our society all the while complaining that as a community we are stereo typed and victimized. This constant knee jerk reaction of the black community to label everything a racist attack has to stop, it is long past the point of absurdity. This is downright irrational behavior and if it was not such a serious matter it would be absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately it is not a joke and the consequences of this shameless exploitation is a nation divided based on a false premise. We live in a country where opportunity abounds for anyone who wants to reach out and grab it. Some may have to overcome bigger obstacles than others but there is no one, no system designed to hold back anyone or that systematically targets any group. No one has any delusions that this appalling behavior that we engage in will or can change overnight, but those of us who have the desire and the will to change our conduct must lead the way and let others hear our voices. Perhaps we will get others to trickle in as they follow our example. Because we are a minority it may be difficult, but it is not impossible to change the paradigm . Many revolutions have begun because one person decided to take a stand. Take a stand and reject this type of behavior.

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