To The Black Lives Matter Movement

To the Black Lives Matter movement. In the interest of really working to improve the plight and the lives of black people in this country, please take your message into the black neighborhoods where crime is rampant, and confront the perpetrators who inflict the most violence against other black people. Address the chronic issue of black on black crime and the sheer brutality with which it is often committed. Because black lives matter, place more focus on the value of the black lives lost as a direct result of the wanton violence inflicted by other blacks on these victims. Work on reducing the number of homicide victims in these communities where the murder rate is so significantly higher than in any other ethnic group. Because black lives matter, challenge the drug pushers in black communities to channel their energy into outreach programs that stress the importance of education, and work toward reducing the high school dropout rate. Because black lives matter so much, target more energy on the issue of absent black fathers from the home and their children’s lives. Perhaps reducing the rate of black children born to single parents from 73 percent may go a long way in addressing that issue. Because black lives matter so much we should teach our young men the proper way to respond to and deal with the police when they are stopped by the police (whether they are justifiably stopped or not). If we want to decrease the rate of incarceration amongst black men, we have to do a better job of getting them to understand that prison is a natural consequence of committing crime. Remind them that despite the rhetoric, there is no conspiracy by the Police against them, that “the system;” contrary to popular opinion is not “out to get them”. Teach young black men to carry themselves with pride and not assume the status of victims, encourage them to adopt a positive lifestyle with good habits and life changing behavior. Let them know that “the American Dream” is possible even for them. If the Black Lives Matter movement, together with the rest of the community work diligently to help implement these simple measures in the black community, we will go a long way toward improving the lives of black people throughout this country.

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