Zero tolerance, not Islamophobia

It is amazing that some people in this country seem to relish and grab on to any opportunity to point out the supposed “unfairness” that is built into the fabric of this country. There seems to be an unrelenting effort by a few to constantly gin up the masses, by propagating the idea that America is a really terrible place for certain groups of citizens. This appears to be done to forward an agenda that involves keeping certain blocs in a continuous state of discontent that then manifests itself in unseemly and very ugly ways. The latest example of this behavior can be seen in the response to a young Muslim teenager who was arrested for bringing a device that authorities in his school viewed as a “hoax bomb”.

Without examining all of the facts, quite a few people (some very prominent ones no less) jumped on to the “Islamophobia” train, and without providing any proof accused school authorities of discrimination. A closer look at the issue though will show that schools all over the country have adopted what is known as a zero tolerance policy, and have implemented some rather strict student codes of conduct with very harsh penalties whenever any pupil is found to violate one of the rules within the code. A couple years ago a seven year old boy was suspended for two days in Maryland for chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun, pointing it at his friend and saying “bang, bang,” CBS (2014). His father said that his son told him he was trying to chew the pop tart into another shape, it did not turn out the way he wanted and he more or less just went with the gun shape. A couple States have since initiated laws to prevent the punishment that he received for the act from happening to innocent children again. Four years ago a student was suspended for a year, and placed on a “diversion program” by the police WND (2011v) because he blew three pellets out of a pen at some students in his class. Honor students have been expelled for minor infractions of schools student conduct code and some students have even been arrested for behavior that in any other circumstance might invoke a “ho-hum” response. These are just a few examples of zero tolerance gone wrong and there are many many more examples of this.

A lot of what used to be once considered as “normal childhood” behavior can now find children facing misdemeanor, and in some cases ever more serious charges that negatively affect their criminal records, which very often can have life long and life changing effects. Zero tolerance and the blanket application of these harsh punishments save teachers and school authorities from doing the hard work of trying to determine intent, applying judgement, interpreting actions and just using plain old fashioned common sense, and in the process they sometimes helped to ruin lives.

The reaction to this young man bringing his device to school should force people to question school districts, local Governments, and States about their lazy zero tolerance policies and the harmful unintended consequences which have resulted from it. Even though the clock looked nothing like any clock you have ever seen, and trying to go through a screener at the airport with it probably would cause anyone carrying it to be pulled aside by the TSA; the teachers still over reacted.

The reaction to this young man by the school authorities was no different than the reaction that students across the country have faced for minor breaches of their relevant school district’s code of conduct. It had nothing to do with his religion, color or anything like that. Instead of using this opportunity to highlight the issue of zero tolerance, the focus is on the so called problem of islamophobia in America. The puppet masters once again immediately seized the opportunity to manipulate the narrative in order to divide the nation into opposing camps. There are legitimate concerns of injustice that do have to be addressed in this country but the grievance pimps and hustlers must be confronted about their behavior, and about always trying to stir up discontent. They must not be allowed to drive the narrative anymore.

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