The blessing of America

We should never ever forget our history and all the terrible things that have occurred in the United States. Slavery was in contradiction to the founding documents of the people who framed them.

For centuries we failed to live up to the idea that all men are indeed created equal. The beauty of the founding documents though is that they were created in such a way that it allowed us to apply remedies to that which was wrong. So we were able to successfully battle slavery, Jim Crow, beat the Klu Klux Klan, lynchings, prison camps, integrate the military, integrate sports leagues, Brown vs Board of Education etc., etc., etc. 

With the passage of time, the United States has fought injustice, racism, inequality and other ills that have plagued society since the beginning of time. Keep in mind that before the United States, the way of the world was exactly what we fought to defeat. People lived their lives according to the whims of kings, monarchs, and tyrants. The rights that we enjoy in the world today and in the west is a gift given to the world by God through the United States and a handful of others nations. 

While slavery was a scourge that plagued the world since time immemorial, it was the British, then the French, then the United States that gave freedom to slaves in a way that was never ever done anytime before in human history. 

Nations like Saudi Arabia abolished slavery in the 1960s, and in Mauritania, slavey was abolished in 1981. in 2020 slavery is a scourge that still plagues the world. Many women and children are enslaved in the sex trafficking industry, while in current day Libya, actual slave markets exist and thrive. In Sudan there are enslaved people who can only dream of the freedom that we enjoy in America. 

Today in America we have grown so used to the way of life that we have that we think it exists everywhere, and that this is the way it always was. People need to be reminded that it is not, and it has not always existed in the way we have it in America today.

This is a very new experiment in history, no older than 250 years old in terms of the type of Democracy that we enjoy today, and no older than 160 years in terms of the way that America and others in the world view slavery.

Despite all that America has achieved. Despite all that we have done to correct the ills of the past, people continue to hold America’s sins against the country as a whole, failing to appreciate what we have now. Here is the thing to keep in mind though. As much as America has not always lived up to its ideals, there have always been people all along way, holding the country accountable, fighting to make the country into what we know it to be today.

During slavery there was the abolitionist movement and other examples of people rising to combat racism and other ills that prevented the country from achieving it’s full potential.

It is because of the promise of America that we passed the many civil rights bills that we have over the years, and got us to where we are today. The America of today is a world in which opportunity awaits everyone. Does racism exist? Sure! But there is no group of people in 2020 America who has to overcome what people in 1960s 70s, 80s, or 90s and earlier  had to endure. The racism that does exist is not enough to stop any group from achiving success by simply making use of the opportunties that do exist. 

The fact that bad things happen in life, including racism is the consequence of living in an imperfect world where bad things are bound to ocur. 

If no racism is the goal, then people are destined to be disappointed for the rest of their lives. Racism, like greed, like hatred, like jelousy, sociopathy, and all of the other reasons why people do bad things will be with us until the end of time.

We can choose to be appreciative of all the blessings that we have, and continue working to improve the society that we live in, or we can continue to live in grievance, upset that bad things do happen, reaching for this fantasy world where no racism exists.

Happy Independence Day America!

Anti-Americanism reigns on the left and the Democrat Party

Folks, how do you reconcile that a significant number of people in one of the major parties in this country gets offended by displays of patriotism? What do you say that? These people get offended by chants of USA, USA, they fret over saying the pledge of allegiance, and the United States flag is a symbol of oppression to them. They cheer for people who burn and desecrate the flag, they jeer at those who show reverence for that which the flag symbolizes. 

This is your modern Democrat party ladies and gentlemen. The alarming thing though is that a lot of the madness that we witness in the Democrat party every day comes from leaders in the Party. It is crazy to think that in America today, love of country is now controversial to so many people. 

You have people like Congresswoman Ilan Omar who as a refugee was rescued by this country, but everytime she opens her mouth to speak about America she speaks with contempt about it. You’ll be hard pressed to hear her say a good thing about the country that has offered her so much, and has been so good to her, ironically though this is what makes her attractive to many of the people in the Democrat Party. 

Apart from all of this, members of the Democrat Party constantly proclaim a message of gloom and doom, and speak as though nothing good ever happens in America.

So it is confirmed! To be a good Democrat, one has to hate the country. To hear Democrat politicians and their minions speak, one would think that we are living in the middle ages under the tyrannic rule of some feudal lord.

My goodness, do these people appreciate anything about this place? Just listen to the Democrat debate from a couple of weeks ago. All 20 of them told us over and over and over again how terrible life in America is. Nothing is going right if you ask these people. It was just a constant barrage of of negativity coming out the mouths of every single one of them.

It is unbelievable to watch people so privileged and blessed to live in a country like this do nothing but bash their country. Those Democrats on the debate stage tell us that nothing good is happening in the economy. Theye tell us that people are dying all across the land because of evil insurance companies. Doctors are only interested in money, Corporations are evil money grubbers whose only interest is oppressing workers. They will have you believe that no one is doing well in America. Tax cuts only benefit the rich. The rich are oppressing the poor, and the only reason that the poor are poor is because the rich are oppressing them. 

According to Democrat politicians, no one experiences hardship in their life simply because they live in an imperfect world where things sometimes just goes wrong. No sir that is never the case. 

If anyone is holding out for a message of hope, or inspiration from the Democrat party that person had better pull out a pair of high quality binoculars and start looking for flying pigs. The Democrats have made it clear that they do not wish to inspire any one with a positive message. 

Democrats tell us that oppresssion is everywhere and there is not a thing that anyone can do about it, unless people vote a Democrats into power. Do it at your own peril.

Colin, Nike, and the Flag…the saga continues

It’s not about the flag! It was never about the flag! It is not about disrespecting the flag! It’s not about the flag! 

This was the mantra of Colin Kaepernick apologists during his NFL protest saga. They made every excuse in the book for this ingrate. Like disciples living in a closed off commune making excuses for their cult leader; people repeated the mantra, “it’s not about the flag.” 

Even though Colin Kaepernick told us with his own mouth that it was about the flag and the country that it represents, his defenders continued to tell us, “it’s not about the flag.” 

Even though he voiced his disdain for the country that afforded him the opportunity to earn millions of dollars pelting a ball from one end of a field to the other, his disciples insisted; “it’s not about the flag.” 

Well a few days ago, Nike told us that they only care about the section of the country that hates America, as they pulled the Betsy Ross flag (Betsy Ross was an abolitionist by the way), independence day edition sneakers that they had released for sale to the public. 

Their decision was spurred by Colin Kaepernich who criticized Nike over the flag that was portrayed on the sneakers. He called the flag offensive because it was the flag that flew over the country during a time when the country had slavery.

None of the new ideas that America brought to the world in a time when slavery was the norm around the world matters to Kaepernick. None of the debates that America was having at the time about making this a better union matters. None of the built in systems that they had in place to help them address issues like slavery, and that eventually led to the abolition of slavery, and by extension the country that we have today matters. 

All that matters is that the country once had slaves.

Nike, who did not care one bit about hiring the controversial anti-American ingrate Kaepernick said that they did not want to unintentionally offend anyone with the flag and that is why they pulled the sneakers.

Honestly, what do you say to all of this?

Reparations, another Democrat scam

Do Democrat politicians believe there is any reason to love their country? These people are unbelievable! When was the last time anyone ever heard a Democrat politician speak a message of hope? That is not a rhetorical question by the way.

The Democrats seem to never have anything good to say about America. It is a constant barrage of negativity from these people without ever acknowledging all that is good and wonderful about this place. Listening to them, one would think that we are living in some kind of dystopian nightmare. 

Today they are currently holding hearings on reparations. Can you believe this nonsense? Reparations…reparations? You have got to be kidding. 

It is needless to say that slavery was an awful thing, and a terrible stain on this country, but my gosh, slavery was an accepted practice in the world at that time, but there were always people who were against it, and in America in particular, it was always a cause of contention.

The history of the world is of people and nations conquering, ruling, and dominating other nations and people, where the victors always set the rules. That is simply the world that existed then. 

How in heavens name do we look at a country like America today though, and hold all of this bitterness for a practice that has so long been abolished? We are the only country that fought a war over slavery, and it is true that even after slavery black people continued to suffer many injustices. But each step of the way, there were always people speaking out against injustice and fighting for a country that truly lived up to the ideal that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. 

Slavery was a system that was deeply entrenched in America and it is natural that even after granting slaves their freedom, it would require even more work to change attitudes toward black people. That is what the country did. The nation did the work that was necessary to give us the country that we have today.

Instead of being grateful that we live in a country that took on the evil of slavery in a time when slavery was a common practice in the world, today we have the Democrat Party doing what they do best and stirring up grievance among its citizens over it.

Keep in mind that today in America, most people of European descent currently living in America have absolutely no connection to slavery in any way. They are not the descendants of slave owners, but even if they were, they should not be made to feel guilty about something that they had no involvement in. 

We should never forget our history, because when we do, we are very likely to repeat the mistakes of the past, but for crying out loud can we stop looking back and complaining about this issue as though we can do something about the past? Who gets to decide how far back in the past we should go anyway. Why not go back to the African countries where black people were selling other black people to the Europeans who were coming to their shores to engage in the trading of human beings. Should we be demanding payment from these African countries today? Why do they get a pass?

Folks, the past is past!  The America that exists today is a place of opportunity for every citizen, especially black Americans. America has already done the hard lifting to correct injustices of the past. The people who continue to complain about every slight faced by black people today, whether these slights are real or imagined, will never be satisfied because in their world perfection is the only standard that they will accept. Until every last sliver of injustice is eliminated they will not be satisfied. That is a fantasy. That utopian society does not exist anywhere. 

It is true that we can never be satisfied, and we should always seek to do better no matter how good we have it, but can we at least acknowledge how good we have it and be grateful for that?

America has paid its dues, black people living in this country are not owed a single penny for slavery. There are so many systems and programs in place that black people can take advantage of to better their lives. 

This whole idea of reparations only serves to keep the wounds over slavery that should have healed a long time ago festering. No one should doubt the desire of the Democrat Party to keep the country in a state of division. They thrive on selling the idea that black people are victims in America. That way Democrat politicians can always portray themselves as heroes coming to the rescue of these helpless black people who simply cannot make it without their Democrat benefactors.  

Ladies and gentlemen this talk of reparations is a scam. It is a hoax that is meant to distract from the real issues that are facing people of every stripe in this country. Don’t fall for it.